Tuesday, July 16

New, more serious IRS misconduct disclosed; and why you won't hear about it

You may think you've already heard about the story below.

Unless you're a political junkie, you haven't.  What you've heard about is the IRS targeting conservative groups to deny or greatly delay their applications for tax-exempt status (which is absolutely crucial to getting significant donations).

That's bad enough, but what just broke is more serious:  J. Russell George is the inspector general who oversees the IRS.  He wrote a letter to Senator Charles Grassley, revealing results of investigations suggesting that IRS officials had targeted political candidates for audits.

He also revealed that donor tax information was improperly accessed or disclosed. 

George also noted that "we presented evidence of a willful unauthorized access to the Department of Justice, but the case was declined for prosecution."  Unless the department had solid legal grounds for declining to prosecute, failing to do so suggests that the department may have tried to cover up the misconduct found by the I.G.. 

Grassley has since written a letter to Holder asking for details on who made the decision not to prosecute and why.  He asked whether the Justice Department had an ulterior motive for not pursuing the case.

If there was a good legal reason not to attempt prosecution, there would have been many discussions and a thick paper trail.  Emails.  Nice long Word docs.  Things that are hard for amateurs to slip into the computer files with back-dates.

Getting to the bottom of this should be a slam-dunk.

Now:  The Constitution charges the president [spit] to see to it that the laws of the nation are faithfully executed.  Willful failure to do so should be solid grounds for impeachment.

Of course this won't happen.  It wouldn't happen even if Obozo was caught on video handing a nuclear warhead to an al-qaeda representative.  It's not that an impeachment wouldn't carry the House, but that with the senate [spit] entirely controlled by the Democrats, the asshole would never be *removed* from office.  So why bother?

When a nation's top officials have signaled a total, complete, willful abandonment of the law, can anyone doubt that disaster is mere months away?

Ah, you say this is bullshit, just the wild rantings of the tinfoil-hat lunatic fringe, eh?  Okay, you got me:  here's the link.


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