Wednesday, July 17

We're getting closer to total amnesty--and 11 million new Democrat voters. You ready?

Obozo granted an audience to the Mexican network Univision, in which he was asked about the legalization of every illegal alien in the U.S.--an act widely called "amnesty" but known in politically-correct circles as comprehensive immigration "reform."

When the interviewer asked whether Obama could simply order amnesty if that bill isn't passed in congress, Obie replied "Probably not.  I think that it is very important for us to recognize that the way to solve this problem has to be legislative. I can do some things and have done some things that make a difference in the lives of people by determining how our enforcement should focus.”

Obie was referring to his executive order of a year or so ago, in which he ordered all government employees not to enforce laws against illegal immigration.

That sounds so innocuous that you may have missed it:  The president *unilaterally* abrogated a law passed by congress and not ruled unconstitutional by the courts.  In other words, he is ruling by decree.

To say this is an impeachable offense belabors the obvious.

Some on the left claim Obozo's earlier executive order to not arrest illegal immigrants who were under 16 when their parents brought them to the U.S. is a strong precedent for him to use the same method to decree that ALL illegal immigrants are now citizens.

Frankly I don't think he'll have to, because I think the Republicans in the house are so eager to not be called raacists that they'll fall for Harry Reid's trap:  they'll pass a bill loaded with seemingly tough border-security provisions, and they'll think they've done a great job.  But then it will go to a conference committee--anonymous, no minutes, no press, public not allowed to watch.

And out of this conference will come a bill that amazingly, mysteriously has loophole language added to all the border-security provisions, rendering them null and void.  So we get amnesty with no increased border security.

The bill will give full citizenship--including the vote, obviously--to all aliens living in the U.S. as of last January.  Whether they make that happen when Obozo signs it or some time down the road is of little consequence, because the future will be set:  Democrat control of the White House and both branches of congress for at least several decades.

Of course House republicans will be totally shocked by this turn of events.  They'll say they had no idea--no idea--that those sneaky Democrats in the senate would gut their strong bill and just give Obozo all those new Democrat votes.  So, y'know, you can't blame the republicans because they were doublecrossed.

But of course everyone over the age of 15 knows this will happen.  It's so sadly predictable.  Total slam-dunk.

The only way to prevent it is if the House doesn't even take up an immigration "reform" bill this session.  But of course...

Oh, if you're curious about the source of the story on Obozo's interview with Univision, it's that den of lunatic-fringe folks at the WaPo.


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