Sunday, July 21

Leftists: "Whites shooters are targeting 12-year-old blacks." The facts disagree. Media ignores the facts.

Great article by Heather Mac Donald at National Review.  The main points:

In the wake of the Zimmerman acquittal the Left is screaming (as it always does) that American justice is biased against blacks.  (Mac Donald gives several examples from articles in mainstream publications.)

The idea that the criminal-justice system discriminates against blacks — allegedly the only reason why the percentage of black jail inmates is far greater than their percentage of the whole population — is a staple of civil-rights activists and Leftists.  Unfortunately for those groups, every effort to actually prove this claim has come up short.

A 1994 survey of felony cases from the country’s 75 largest urban areas found that blacks actually had a lower chance of prosecution following a felony than whites, and were less likely to be found guilty at trial. Alfred Blumstein has found that blacks are underrepresented in prison for homicide compared with their arrest rates.

Instead, virtually all studies of charging and sentencing show that the factor that accounts for higher black incarceration rates is that they commit crimes at a far higher rate.

Criminal-law professors across the political spectrum agree that the Zimmerman verdict resulted from prosecutorial overkill, not juror bias. While the state's prosecutors may have made some mistakes, the trial was scrupulously fair and presented the prosecution with full opportunity to make its case.  In fact the judge appeared to favor the prosecution in most matters.

Not only is the charge of racial bias in the criminal-justice system false, this falsehood lends support to the claim by black race-baiters that the main homicide threat faced by young black males comes from other races.  In the wacked-out community the threat is implicitly from whites--or "honorary whites," as the media portrayed the half-Hispanic Zimmerman.

Lest you think this is an exaggeration, here's what the grandson of MLK told attendees at the NAACP's national convention just last Wednesday:  “Our children are targeted. Our community is targeted.”  And he doesn't mean by the IRS.

Protesters at the Orlando, Fla., courthouse this week held signs reading “Endangered species: young black men and boys.” The New York Times ran an article today about the “painful talks” black parents are having with their children about how not to get gunned down by whites.

But the truth is that not only do blacks kill whites at a far higher rate than vice-versa, blacks are also far more likely to be killed by...other blacks:  In 2012 blacks committed about 75 percent of all shootings in New York, and whites a little over 2 percent, though blacks are 23 percent of the city’s population and whites 35 percent.

Sixty percent of the NYC's homicide victims are black. Their killers? They aren’t white:  The shooting rate in predominantly black Brownsville, Brooklyn, is 81 times higher than that of predominantly white and Asian Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

The picture is the same nationally.  In 2008 black males between the ages of 14 and 24 killed others at ten times the rate of white and Hispanic males combined in the same age category.  As for interracial crime, black homicide offenders in 2010 had nearly three times more white and Hispanic victims than there were black victims of white and Hispanic homicide offenders, despite blacks’ much lower population numbers.

Although the media pushed the “white death threat” meme hard after the Trayvon Martin shooting, more recently they've been forced, however fleetingly, to acknowledge the huge amount of black-on-black shooting.  The January 2013 shooting death of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, a majorette in the Chicago marching band that had played at Obama’s inauguration, triggered a moment of attention to Chicago’s black-on-black shooting rate. 

Yet this recognition of the actual homicide risk to blacks has no effect on the Left's “white racists targeting innocent black kids” lie.  Amazingly, The American Prospect’s Bouie went so far as to argue that “there’s no such thing as ‘black-on-black’ crime.”  This is such an obvious crock that he has to quickly claim that black-on-black crime is simply a matter of proximity.  He claims blacks kill each other only because they  live next to each other.  He avoids examining the difference in crime rates between black and other communities because that would reveal the obvious lie.

Black race-baiters want to avoid admitting the real source of the vast majority of black homicide deaths because it undercuts their absurd claim that young black males are being targeted by whites. 

Denial by black race-baiters notwithstanding, the simple, inescapable truth is that black males commit violent crimes of all types at a disproportionately high rate.


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