Saturday, December 29

UK's socialized medicine six times deadlier than guns in the U.S.

Liberal and most Democrats whine "Guns BAD! Way awful, terrible BAAAAD! Need to ban 'em, NOW!"

But the same folks are just tickled over the prospect of "single-payer health care" (i.e. government runs the whole deal, like the National Health Service of the UK).

Okay, libs, which kills more people *per capita*: guns in the U.S. or the UK's National Health Service?

According to a just-published study by a London medical school, in 2009 obvious, needless errors by NHS personnel are estimated to have killed 11,859 people. The UK has a population 66 million, for a per-capita rate of about 0.00018.

In the U.S. all killings by guns--including suicide and accidents--kill roughly 10,000 per year, out of a population of 312 million. That's a rate of 0.000032.

In other words, the risk of being killed due to negligence by the NHS is almost six times greater than dying by gunshot in the U.S.

But by all means, let's ban guns and get national/socialized health care here!


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