Tuesday, December 18

Faux negotiations to avoid the "fiscal cliff"

I've been watching the *breathless* network news reports about the fast-approaching "fiscal cliff."  According to the MSM we're witnessing a grueling negotiating battle between Obama and the Republican speaker of the house, John Boehner.  And the stakes are--well, they're incredibly big.  Enormous.

The problem, the media assure us, is that Boehner and the repubs are fighting to keep the Fairness President from raising taxes to a Fair level on zillionaires.  And they imply that if the repubs don't get their way, they're willing to let the Bush tax cuts expire *for everyone.*  In other words, they'd opt to raise taxes on everyone rather allow the prez to raise taxes a measly percent or two on zillionaires.

Hey, does this sound like a no-brainer or what?

Of course with this sort of setup it's an obvious no-win for the Repubs.  Which was and is the point, eh?

If Boehner had any smarts he could turn the tables by reaching out to the so-called dextro-sphere and asking them to get the truth out:  The "tax increase" is actually letting the Bush tax cuts expire--as congress provided back when they were first passed.  Boehner should make it clear that he's agreed to an increase in tax rates on those making over a million a year but Obama has rejected the offer.

Thus it's the Dems who are willing to throw the middle-class under the bus on taxes.  And it's especially telling that just a few months ago the proposal to raise tax rates on millionaires was being pushed by none other than...former Dem speaker Nancy Pelousi.

But suddenly that's no longer a good deal.  Why not?

Simple:  Obama has the Lying Media running cover for him.  So the only thing voters will hear is that the Repubs would prefer to force everyone to pay more taxes rather than allowing Obama to raise taxes on what the Lying Media claim is the Repub's favored constituents, the zillionaires.

The media will depict Boehner and the repubs as caring only for the rich in any case, so his best tactic is to stop talking about opposing higher taxes for the well-to-do and instead declare that the repubs only goal is on cutting spending, period. Because last I heard, the House had to approve spending.

But of course that was way back when congress actually passed a budget--something the Dem-controlled senate hasn't done for three years. So...maybe not.

Also, we all know the repubs never stand up to the MSM.  So the result will be...no *actual* spending cuts.  But the MSM will breathlessly report that Obama was forced..*forced*..to compromise and agree to token spending cuts in order to get the FAIR tax hike on everyone making over $300,000 or whatever.

Of course the spending "cuts" will never happen, but the MSM doesn't give a damn about that--their only goal is to be able to claim their god-king *compromised*. Which is thought to be good.

Oh, and I'm not in that bracket so I don't much care on that score, but I hate to see the country spend its way to disaster.


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