Tuesday, December 18

An idea to end gun violence??

Obviously the school shooting in CT was a tragedy, and everyone wants it to not have happened.

So predictably, within an hour or two after the story broke, the usual suspects were clamoring for tighter gun control laws. 

Only one problem:  The nut who did the shooting didn't get the guns he used from a gun show, or a dealer, or mail-order.  Instead he grabbed his mother's gun, fatally shot her, then took the rest of her arsenal.

Awfully hard to stop something like that by passing a law.

Oh, and last I heard there were already laws against shooting people.  But in every case where someone shoots someone else, they totally ignore that clear, well-known law.  But somehow if congress passes just one more law to do...[fill in the blank]...criminals and crazy people will suddenly start obeying the law.  It's a miracle.

Of course, Obama could change the equation by issuing an executive order confiscating all guns and banning all sales.  If the Left wants to end gun violence, that's a plan to get behind and push hard.  Because what better time to do it than in the first few months after the last election he'll have to face?


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