Thursday, December 27

EPA ignores federal judges--again

Does the name Carol Browner ring a bell?

If you keep an eye on politics, it should:  She was an aide to senator Al Gore who was later appointed by perjuring serial rapist Bill Clinton to head the EPA. Remember?

Here's something you almost certainly do not know: After the EPA was sued during her tenure--including allegations that emails between top executives would reveal a pattern of lawbreaking--a federal judge ordered the agency to preserve all agency email records.

Just hours later, Browner ordered the hard-drive of her office computer reformatted--and that all backup tapes be destroyed.

She then claimed she wasn't trying to destroy any evidence--it was all just a mistake!

Oh yeah. Seriously.

Fast-forward to the next Democratic administration: Does the name Richard Windsor ring a bell?

Probably not, since it was a false name used on emails actually sent by...Obama's head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson.

Why, you may wonder, would the head of the EPA use a false name on emails?  Well according to plaintiffs in the most recent lawsuit, the use of false names was part of an organized scheme under which top EPA officials could discuss official business but hide the emails from citizen lawsuits alleging violations of federal law by the same officials!

Cute, huh.  If you should by greatest chance succeed in getting a judge to agree to order the EPA to turn over emails of the director and her henchmen--all by name, of course--the bureaucrats can avoid providing the crucial ones.  Because oh! that email wasn't from "Lisa Jackson" but from "Richard Windsor," see?

Obeying laws is for us commoners, not for government employees, see.


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