Wednesday, December 26

Palestinian official: We'll keep the "honor killing" defense, thanks

The legal adviser to Palestinian/Muslim honcho Mahmoud Abbas says his boss doesn't plan to change laws that let men who claim "honor killing" as a defense for murdering women get off with virtually no penalty, his legal adviser says.

"Why change it? This would cause serious problems," Hassan al-Ouri said.  Amazingly, he went on to add that eliminating the "honor killing" defense "would not benefit women."

In May 2011, in response to protests over the killing of university student Aya Baradiya in Hebron, Abbas had pledged to amend the law to impose stiffer penalties for "honor killing."

Palestinian/Muslim politicians will say anything, promise anything, to sway public opinion to their side, even when they have no intention whatsoever of honoring the promise.  This sleazy, underhanded tactic is a formal part of Islamic doctrine, called "taqqiya" (spelling varies due to phonetic transliteration of arabic characters).

Oh, wait:  Doesn't Obama do the same thing?  "Your health insurance premiums won't go up under my plan."  "We'll have more doctors under my plan."  "My plan will reduce the total cost of health care in the United States."

Lies.  All lies.  But they sure sounded great, didn't they?   Spoken with seeming sincerity, very persuasively--spoken with chin tilted way up, eyes almost closed.  Guy would fit right in with Muslim leaders around the world.


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