Friday, December 21

ATF agent's gun found at scene of Mexican shootout

A powerful semi-automatic handgun, originally restricted to military and law enforcement customers, was recovered by Mexican police at the scene of a Nov. 23 shootout between a Mexican drug cartel and the Mexican military.

Records show the gun was purchased in January 2010 by George Gillett, the former No. 2 in the ATF office in Phoenix. Gillett now works at ATF headquarters in Washington.

According to the records Gillett bought the gun at a Phoenix gun store. On the federal form used to buy the gun, Gillett gave his address as the ATF office address but added “Apt 940.” On a subsequent purchase Gillett listed his address as a strip mall.

ATF regulations require buyers use their residential address.

If anyone in the lying media had an ounce of objectivity, they'd ask the nation's attorney-general, Eric Holder, how this gun managed to end up at the Mexican shootout. Was it stolen from the ATF agent? If so, did he report it being stolen?

If there's a police report to that effect, I'd go over it with a fuckin' microscope, because any administration brazen enough to sell 3000 guns to Mexican drug cartels--even as they whined about needing tighter controls on gun sales!!--wouldn't bat an eye at having a police source generate a recent "theft" report to cover their ass.

Is there *anything* the Obama administration wouldn't do, no matter how illegal?


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