Friday, December 28

Laws work--it's why we don't have any murders. Wait...

Did you ever drink alcohol before you turned 18?

Wait...wasn't that illegal?

You mean to tell me you *ignored the law* and did it anyway? OMG!

Ever smoke weed?  Wasn't weed illegal everywhere in the U.S. until a few years ago?

You mean to tell me you ignored that law too?

Y'know, I hear murder is illegal. Same for robbery, car theft, embezzlement, assault...the list is quite long. And yet everyone knows those things happen every day, right?

This is not in any way news to rational adults.

Yet liberals believe that passing even more laws limiting gun ownership or sales will reduce crime.  Presumably because people determined to rob or murder will miraculously obey a law regarding gun purchases.

Makes perfect sense--at least to liberals, leftists and "progressives."

I wish that just once some leftist/Dem/"progressive" would be candid and say "Even if this new law we're pushing doesn't reduce gun deaths, we're determined to pass it anyway because guns are scary and dangerous and no civilian should be allowed to own one!"


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