Thursday, December 13

Teen fatally shoots 22-yr-old mom--over cigarettes

Last Saturday afternoon a young Pennsylvania couple bought cigarettes at a convenience store and started walking home.  Whereupon they were accosted by three teenage males, who repeatedly asked the couple to give them cigarettes.

The couple declined and continued walking home.  The teenagers kept up the harassment until the couple arrived home--at which point the young woman told the teens to "get a job" if they wanted cigarettes.

One of the teens--apparently outraged by the effrontery of this remark--pulled a gun and fatally shot the young mother.

Oh, and a few hours after killing the young woman, the shooter posted a photo of himself on a social website, brandishing a pair of guns. 

This happened in Beaver Falls, PA.  Last Saturday.  Oh, and the killer and the young mother he shot to death were of different races.

Remember a year or so ago when a neighborhood-watch guy in Florida fatally shot an unarmed teenager?  Remember the absolute torrent of outraged, breathless stories about that shooting on the national news networks, and the cover stories in Time and other mags?  The story led all the newscasts for a couple of weeks.

As I write this it's Thursday--four full days after the Pennsylvania shooting of the young mother--and the only hint of this story I've seen is on an obscure website.

Gee, wouldn't you think this story would be even more gripping than the Florida one?  After all, the victim was a young mother, and unlike the Florida shooting she wasn't sitting on the shooter's chest beating him bloody.  So using the same standards as the mainstream media used in the Trayvon Martin shooting you'd think the story about the young mother gunned down for suggesting that a teenager get a job would lead the newscasts for days.  Anti-gun-rights bozos like Bob Costas should be breathlessly preaching on the eeeebils of gunz.

But surprise!--almost no mention beyond Pittsburgh local news.  Oh, London's "Daily Mail" ran a story.  But not much here in the U.S.

And imagine how the lying media would have reacted if George Zimmerman had posted a pic of himself brandishing weapons a few hours after his altercation.  But in the Pennsylvania killing, even this added outrage didn't provoke the national media to comment.

What in the world could account for the amazing lack of national interest in a murder that had all the breathless hooks the media usually love--a young mother gunned down in her own yard by a shooter of a different race, over a non-threatening remark?

It's a complete mystery.

Wait...maybe it's not.


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