Saturday, April 23

AP says Obama wants more U.S.oil output-- won't issue drilling permits

The Associated Press has always been an arm of the Democratic party. So it's no surprise that they're unalloyed cheerleaders for Obama and the Dems.

But sometimes the AP writers pen such absolute howlers--statements that are such transparent shilling--that you wonder how they do it.

Case in point is this article, which hit the wires today:
As he has before, Obama said Saturday there is no "silver bullet" that will slash gas prices immediately. But he said there are things government can do to help make a difference in the long term. They also include boosting U.S. oil production...
Ah yes, the government could indeed boost U.S. oil production. But for those with Net access, it's easy to find that Obama's administration has simply refused to issue drilling permits on oil leases in the Gulf of Mexico, even after being ordered to show cause by a federal judge.

Barack, I've got a flash for ya--and being from Chicago or Hawaii or Kenya you prolly don't know: It's just about impossible to produce oil or natural gas without, y'know, drilling. It's so hard, in fact, that 99.9992 percent of all the oil in the world is produced from, ah, umm, wells that were actually, in fact, literally, drilled by some company.

So when you go talking about "boosting U.S. oil production", but at the same time you won't let your administration issue the necessary permits to actually drill, don't be surprised if 48 percent of voters think you're, ah...umm...being a total hypocrite.

Or just a community organizer who doesn't know which end of the bit goes in the hole first.

Or how many U.S. states there are.

Or what hospital he was born in.


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