Friday, April 22

Democrats demand Boeing scrap new plant in S.Carolina

Boeing Aircraft Company is one of America's biggest success stories and a huge source of export income. They build great planes and run a good company.

So naturally, the Obama administration wants to destroy them.

You think that's facetious? Read on...

Boeing's main headquarters is in a Seattle suburb. Seattle is a heavily left-leaning city, and almost everything is unionized--including Boeing's workforce. And last year the unions organized strikes against the company, delaying production.

Now Boeing is about to start production of its new 787 jet. The company has invested a couple of billion dollars in development of and has gotten a few hundred orders--representing a huge potential revenue stream. But keeping those orders depends on the company being able to deliver promised jets on-time.

Worried about the possibility of future strikes delaying production and thus killing billions of dollars of orders, Boeing management decided to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a huge production facility in South Carolina to make some of the 787's. South Carolina is a "right to work" state, meaning that workers can't be forced to join a union as a condition of employment.

If you're under 30 or so you may not know that in non-RTW states, all employees of unionized companies are forced to join the union--and pay heavy union dues--to be able to work there. That is, someone puts a legal gun to your head--with the full approval of the government--and takes union dues from your paycheck.

And here you probably thought this was a free country...

Anyway, two days ago a pro-socialist government bureaucracy called the "National Labor Relations Board" ordered Boeing to show cause "why it should not be ordered to have the Unit operate its second line of 787 Dreamliner aircraft assembly production in the State of Washington."

In other words, the POS Democrat bureaucrats want to force Boeing to abandon its brand-new facility in South Carolina and build all the 787's in Seattle.

Please note that they would never admit this. "Why no," they would piously wail, "we're not trying to force the company to abandon a multi-million dollar manufacturing plant. We're Democrats--we would never do that!"

If you pointed out that this would be exactly the effect of the Order they're about to sign, they'd say something like "But the company can sell the plant. It's not like we're taking it away from them or something."

One wonders whether they're really so stupid that they don't understand, or whether they're sneaky and conniving and treacherous and DO understand, and are just playing possum.

If the Democrats get away with this--and given the heavy-handed thug-supporting policies of the Obama administration and his attorney-general, Eric Holder, they almost certainly will--how could any prudent businessman make a major decision without submitting it for political approval?

Which of course is perfectly fine with Democrats, who love big government and hate business.

Folks, that's what trashed the former Soviet Union.

Fun times ahead.


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