Saturday, April 23

More rights taken away by pinhead local judge

Drip, drip, drip... Slowly but inexorably, judges seemingly unaware of the provisions of the Constitution, and case law settled by the U.S. Supreme Court, are trying as hard as they can to take away your rights. Or what used to be rights, at least.

In Michigan, Terry Jones had planned to protest at a local mosque.

Local judge Mark Somers found this intolerable, and ordered Jones to stay away from the mosque for three years. He also required Jones to post a bond, reported by the Detroit Free Press to be one dollar. When Jones initially refused, the judge had him jailed.

The booking officer initially couldn't find a code on which to book Jones. "Attempting to exercise right of free speech despite judge's ban" wasn't on the books. Yet, anyway.

Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. said that the city respects the constitution [sic] but said the right to free speech can’t interfere with public safety and the rights of others. He said the city had serious concerns about public safety which is why they did not want him to protest at the mosque. --Detroit Free Press

So let's see if I'm reading you right, judge: If a planned speech might "interfere with public safety," you'll ban it?

But in that case, all that Muslims--or Nazi's, or skinheads, or Democrats--would have to do to suppress speech they dislike would be to threaten violence, right?

In case you don't keep up with federal circuit court or U.S. Supreme Court decisions, judge Somers, this issue has been pretty thoroughly decided in Forsyth County, Georgia v. Nationalist Movement and also more particularly in Morris County, New Jersey v. The Nationalist Movement. The short answer is that "prior restraint" is a no-no. As is forcing would-be speakers to post a bond before speaking.

Judge, we appreciate that you work for the locals, and they don't want Jones providing an opportunity for Muslims to react...shall we say, like Muslims historically do when they feel offended by anyone or anything, and thus giving your wonderful city bad publicity.

Unfortunately, judge, you don't have that power.

Let me sharpen that a bit: You are a god in your little two-bit courtroom, but higher judges with a broader view disagree. Or at least have disagreed with your position in prior cases.

Meanwhile, consider what your decision has just proven conclusively to Muslims--both here and abroad: You've shown them that violence works. All they need to do is threaten violence and soft, liberal judges like you will give them their way, whatever that is.

Nice work, judge. Nice work.


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