Sunday, April 17

Wisconsin voters sign petition to recall "fleabag" senator; they're stolen.

You may vaguely recall that about a month ago in Wisconsin every single Democrat state senator fled to an adjacent state while the legislature was supposed to be in session. They did this because for the first time in many years (if not decades) Republicans had won a majority of seats in the senate.

In the normal course of business a vote was scheduled on a bill--a vote the Democrats knew they would lose. But being--not democrats, but members of the misleadingly named Democratic party, these arrogant, lawbreaking, despicable, power-mad bastards decided this "democracy" crap was for losers, and took it upon themselves to simply run away and thus prevent a vote for lack of a quorum.

If you're a Democrat (again, far cry from a real "democrat") there's a good chance you see this as incredibly innovative and funny: "Hahaha! Our guys really outmaneuvered those stupid Rethuglicans, didn't we? Rethuglicans are SO easy to flummox!"

Unless you're a real lover of the Constitution you probably don't appreciate how grievous--possibly fatal--an injury the Wisconsin Democrats have done to a nominally democratic republic. Because the beauty of democracy is that the question of who will control the government for the next year or two is decided by ballots instead of bullets. But for that tacit agreement to work, the party that loses the majority must play "loyal opposition" until the next election.

If instead they flee the state to deprive the legislature of a quorum, the contract is broken. The folks who won the election see that system is rigged--that Democrats will violate the will of the majority when they lose an election. The logical conclusion is that only fools give up power when they lose the vote.

Do you Dems really want to go there? Obviously you do--since y'all claim you're SO much smarter than conservatives, so you've obviously thought through all the consequences of doing this--or on the national level, of failing to condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

Oh, wait--you believe there can't be any adverse consequences to yourselves--again because we're so good-natured and stupid and easily conned.

We'll leave that for the moment and say this: Democrats (again, clearly not "democrats") can be forgiven for believing conservatives will put up with this forever, because we always have. You steal elections and claim we did. Your beloved congresswhores flee to prevent a vote, and y'all are absolutely delighted at their cleverness. so it's only natural that you think we'll always tolerate your thievery, your corruption, your grievous rape of our beloved and usually reliable system.

Do you just believe these actions will have no consequences, or do seek those consequences?

Is the Civil War such a distant event that you want a second one?

Oh, there's a post-script to this tale: Eventually the fleeing senators returned and business resumed. But just over half of Wisconsin voters were not at all amused, and launched a recall petition for one of the Democrats who fled the state.

In a few days the organizers managed to gather 16,000 signatures--more than enough to force a recall election.

But then a few days ago there was a break-in at the office where the signatures were kept. The thieves stole the signed recall petitions.

Once again, those paying attention learn that if you lose an election, just don't show up for votes you don't want to have taken. And if the voters try to recall you for this malfeasance, simply steal the recall petitions.

Great lesson for your kids, Democrats.


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