Sunday, April 17

UN predicts 50 million climate refugees by...last year.

Way back in 2005 the fact-challenged bureaucrats at the UN "Environment Program" predicted that in just 5 years, "climate change would create 50 million climate refugees."

The agency helpfully added a web page with a detailed map of low-lying islands and coastal areas in which it was predicting this refugee disaster would occur.

Well, the appointed time came and passed, and no reports surfaced of a refugee crisis. So at last one intrepid reporter asked the UNEP what had happened to the prediction.

The bureaucrats scurried back to their rabbit warrens and, realizing that yes, they had indeed predicted 50 million climate refugees, they sincerely apologized and explained that they'd been snookered by all the bogus climate studies released by East Anglia. They also promised to push for more openness in climate model details.

This, of course, is what would happen in a logical and just world. What happened in this one was that the bureaucrats at the UN simply deleted the web page.

Or as Orwell said: "Down the memory hole."

Of course, more industrious and honest beings than the UN bureaucrats promptly recovered the original web page and map from GoogleCache or similar.

Moral of this story is that bureaucrats caught in a bullshit prediction would--like most people--rather coverup the error than admit it.

I believe that should be a firing offense. But being the world's premier bureaucracy, the perps probably got promoted.


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