Wednesday, April 20

Why is govt takeover of student loans in the Health Care Reform Act?

What do student loans have to do with nationalized health care (that would be "Obamacare")?

I don't know either, but tucked into one of the 2200 pages of that monstrous bill--now a law, thanks to bribery and parliamentary trickery--is a complete government takeover of the student-loan business.

So why would the Democrats roll this into the health-care "reform" law? Ah, grasshopper, because in theory, by collecting interest from student loans, plus cutting federal education grants, the feds will save $19.4 Billion.

And the reason it's in the health-care "reform" law? Because it enables Obama and the Dems to count an extra $19.4 Billion as part of the alleged "savings" that the American voters are supposed to see from socialized medicine.

If you think that kind of "accounting" is tantamount to fraud, I agree. Welcome to politics, as practiced by the Democrats when they controlled both chambers of congress and the White House--as they did when they passed this outrage a year ago.


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