Sunday, August 15

No words to express...

A Swedish native blogger called Cavatus posted on the epidemic of rapes in that country by gangs of teenage immigrants. You need to read it.

He notes one specific but apparently not unusual case in which 4 to 6 teenage males raped a 12-year-old Swedish girl. Shockingly, by the time the victim had completed a short stint of "counseling" the perps had been released by the cops and were living normally.

They were also furious with the victim, claiming that because she had reported the rape, she had besmirched their honor.

Yes, you read that correctly.

They then proceeded to rape her a second time, and this time also threatened to kill her.

A friend of the victim's family said,
The boys walk around like kings, their friends and relatives laugh derisively at the Swedish authorities that do nothing.

The girl fears for her life. She now stays in her home like a prisoner, day and night. If someone rings the doorbell, she feels the horror – is it the boys who come?

As the blogger summarizes,
In Sweden there is an ostrich-like policy. Fear that the crimes will awake racist feelings [allows the teens who did this] to roam freely. Even the newspapers don't dare to write about the incident.

Oh, you may say, that's Sweden--couldn't possibly happen here... because...

Oh, wait--we've already had several cases of so-called "honor" killings, by Muslims, of a wife or daughters right here in the good ol' US of A: In Buffalo NY, Muzzammil Hassan, beheaded his wife. Initially claimed it was an "honor killing." And in a Dallas suburb, a Muslim cab driver shot and killed both his teenage daughters because they were too westernized--i.e. "honor killing." Lots more if you search a bit.

Anyone who favors continued immigration of Muslims into the U.S. is either a Leftist or crazy.

Sorry, was that redundant?


Blogger Greasywrench said...

And these Wussies are the descendents of the warriors and explorers known as Vikings? It seems the gene pool has been deleted to say the least.

The Europeans/Dhimmis deserve what is happening to them since they won't stand up for the decent treatment of their own citizens. As the Borg of Star Trek say - "You will be assimilated and added to our collective". Well guess who the Borg are in today's world?

God help them since they won't help themselves.

11:37 AM  
Blogger sf said...

Wrench, I agree completely. And unfortunately even the U.S. is so close to evenly split between those who would appease versus those who would enforce our laws that I fear a muslim-loving administration could easily take us down Sweden's tragic and embarassing path.

I think this conflict is gonna come down to the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. Hope we're alive to see it!

6:35 PM  

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