Thursday, July 12

One afternoon in Tallahassee

In Tallahassee, 24-year-old Jason White wanted a gun.  Actually three of 'em.  So he did what just seemed like the normal thing:  Stole two from a pawnshop.  But this didn't fill his wants, so he walked into a sporting goods store, picked up a Glock and ran out.

He was tackled at the door by a store employee, 32-year-old Dean Crouch.  Shortly thereafter cops arrived and arrested the thief.
Jason White, got 3 guns the easy way

Interrogated at the station, White was apologetic and remorseful.

Hahahahahahaha!  Not even close.  Instead officers reported the thief repeatedly told them "I stole and I admit to it,  and I will steal again when I get out of jail.”  Apparently the thief had heard that a city had ordered its police officers not to arrest people for theft, and thought that was Tallahassee.

It was actually Austin, Texas, but hey, close enough, right?

As you might have guessed, the story doesn't end there.  Since the store employee who tackled the thief--fearing he might have been on his way to shoot someone very near the store--risked his life to possibly save others, the sporting goods chain--Academy--rewarded the married father of two.

Hahahahahaha!  What, did you just get off the boat?  Academy fired the guy, and he's been forced to put his home up for sale.
The man who tackled the thief--and has been fired

There's a lesson here:  The corporate attorneys and bigwigs know the guy who tackled the thief did a good thing, but they fired him anyway because they fear not doing so would cost them sales to black customers.  So to hell with what's right, if doing what's wrong adds a few thousand bucks to the bottom line, eh?

The "suits" made a conscious decision to throw the heroic employee under the bus.  And his two young girls?  Hey, not our problem, said the suits.  We'd rather just let people walk out with guns.

In fact, maybe we should just stop selling guns altogether.  Yeh, dat's da ticket!


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