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Hundreds of thousands of Dems demonstrate for illegal aliens, show their hate for Trump; winning issue

Last weekend leftists, socialists and Democrats (many of whom call themselves "progressives" since everyone should love "progress," right?) turned out in the hunreds of thousands to protest the absolutely awful, inhumane policy of separating children of illegal invaders from their detained parents--a policy the Dems and their media allies are screaming only began after the eeeevil orange Trump took office.

Chicago demonstration supporting illegal immigration, July 1, 2018

The media and Dem claim that this policy was conceived by and started under Trump is a brazen, calculated lie.  The policy was enforced during every single year of the Obama administration, and no one on the Left uttered a peep of protest.  But now, with Obozo gone and Hilliary having unexpectedly lost, NOW the Left and Dems and media are SCREAMING with outrage!  How dare Trump do this awful thing!!!  

The Dems and their media allies blythely ignore the fact that Obama did it for 8 years, because that doesn't generate anti-Trump outrage and hundreds of thousands of screaming socialists in the streets.

So the Dems have finally found a winning issue:  Tell gullible, low-info Americans lies about which presidents enforced the emotionally-loaded policy, wail and cry about da po' kiddies ripped from mom's arms by da eeeebil Trump (ignoring Obama's identical policy), and cackle with glee as the outrage! builds.

And wow, is it ever building.  Click on this link and see the twitter feed "Families belong together."

That hash-tag perfectly illustrates how cunningly the Dems are manipulating the emotions of their supporters.  After all, who could possibly disagree with the statement "families belong together," eh?  In fact I'n absolutely sure the thousands of American families who have had a family member killed by an illegal invader would agree completely.  They lost a loved family member not just for a few days of detention, but permanently.

No doubt they thank Democrats like Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren and others every day for demanding that federal employees not enforce our borders.  It's worked SO well.

So click the link above.  The "tweets" are ghastly, dripping with anger.  If you don't think this is building to war, check out some of quotes below, at the "Families belong" feed above:
  • "Good people don’t kidnap children."
  •  "I’m seriously fed up living in Nazi Germany."
  •  "We are going to need our military when Trump refuses to step down when he is indicted! TicToc Donnie your time will come soon enough!"
  • "THIS is America - its majority anyway. Trump is a farce. A fvcking coward, hiding from the public at Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster, NJ. Installed by a foreign power. He will be removed by overwhelming "domestic power"
  • Billionaire Dem donor Tom Steyer: "Rallying in Salt Lake City on behalf of the immigrant children ripped from their parents"
  • Elizabeth Warren: DonaldTrump's immigration policy [again, cunningly, deliberately misleading that it's different from what Obama did] means ripping parents from their children, treating rape victims & refugees like terrorists, & putting children in cages. Today, I joined people in Boston & across the country to say: this must end NOW.
  • "Stop pretending your racism is patriotism" [to the Left, enforcing our laws and defending border is racism]
  • [Hundreds of pics of adorable young children]: "Babies marching for other babies"
  • "Will trade racists for refugees" [again, Left /Dems implying that NOT having open borders = racism; insane, but it works for 'em.]
  •  "No baby jails!"
  • "Families belong together – except for Donald Trump and his family, who will go to separate prisons."
  • "This march is just like Trump's inauguration, except people showed up for this one."
  • "'Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!'  This is what democracy looks like." [again the lie that this policy was started by Trump; all the low-info marchers believe it utterly]
  • "F*ck civility--Trump put kids in cages!" [again the implied lie that Trump started the policy]
  • "Eat shit Jeff Sessions!" 
  •  "ICE = American Gestapo"
  • "F*ck Trump.  F*ck Melania.  F*ck ICE.  F*ck MAGA."
  • "Our huddled masses will kick your fascist asses! #Resist  #Bluewave"
  • "Make America Aztlan again" [If you don't know what "Aztlan" is, it's because the media doesn't want you to know.  That should anger you.]
  • "Full rights for immigrants" [For *legal* immigrants, sure thing.  Dems have continuously and cunningly lumped legal immigrants with illegals, claiming Repubs "hate (all) immigrants."]
  • "Ban all white people until we figure out what's going on."
  • "I wish we lived in an America that doesn’t have to protest in the streets against Republican atrocities being committed...again."  [And again the implied lie: "Republican" atrocities.  So clearly, Obama never caused kids to be separated from illegal-border-invading parents, eh?]
  • "Republicans are trying to hurt YOU.  Vote Democrat." [Enforcing law hurts YOU?  The organizers clearly want Americans to believe this.  Only acceptable fix for them is open borders.]
  • “We will never have TRUE civilization until we learn to recognize the rights of others.” [Implication: everyone in the world has the right to enter the U.S.; i.e. open borders]
  • "Republicans enable Trump's crimes against America"
  • "Just once I’d like to see Trump be held accountable for his actions." [Note "Trump held accountable; again the implicit lie that this originated with Trump.  But would they want to see Obama held accountable?  You must be dreaming.]
  • "We are becoming Germany 1933"  [That will puzzle everyone younger than 40, who have no idea about anything that happened before they were born--by design]
  • "A Trump supporter brandished a gun at a group of peaceful Christians praying during a FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch event, and the right wing is dead silent about it." [Really?  Would that be anything like the total silence on the Left/Dems when an illegal alien kills or rapes an American citizen?  *That* kind of "dead silence"??]
  • "1 missing child = Amber Alert.  2000 missing children = Republican Party"
  • "No Nazis, no KKK, f*ck Trump's USA"
  • [sign held by elderly woman in wheelchair]: "I remember Hitler.  Today his name is Trump"
  • "Houston and Austin Texans are repulsed by Republicans' hatred and bigotry...brought to you by the Christo-fascists Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and Ken Paxton. Vote these pricks out of office."

Hundreds more at the link but you get the idea.  There is simply no reasoning with these people.

Actually, unless you see the twitter excretions yourself, you can't really understand how intensely the demonstrators hate Trump, and Republicans, and how much they want open borders--even though that would mean unlimited immigration.  Which would be the end of the U.S. as we've known it.

What Dems and the media know--from decades of experience--is that Democrat voters are driven by emotions, feelings.  Those feelings and emotions--"Families belong together;" "We simply can't allow children to be ripped out of their mothers' arms!!"--vastly overpower logic.  Ain't even close.  Add a white-hot hate for Trump and you've got all the ingredients needed for explosion.

When powerful emotional imagery takes over, the notion of trying to reason out long-term consequences is derided as being heartless, cruel.  The emotionally-driven person cries "The most important thing we have to do is [fill in the blank; "Rescue that poor child!].  Compared to that, nothing else matters!"

To those driven by emotion, not only is this an entirely reasonable response, they automatically view anyone who disagrees with them as a heartless monster--someone almost inhuman.

It's clear that most of these emotionally-driven Dems don't understand that what they're doing will--indeed, must--lead to open borders.  Gripped by emotion--both "save the po' children!"and hate for Trump--the logical outcome of open borders never enters their mind.  That's bad enough.  But it's also certain that the hard-core Leftists and socialists not only know exactly the consequences of open borders, but want that precise result.

It's hard to get mad at good-hearted people who are either too stupid or too gripped by emotion to see the absolutely certain result of what they're bent on doing.  But with the hard-core Left--the people who know the result and are trying their damndest to achieve it--it's different.

Bottom line:  Before the Lying Media falsely broadcast the "news" that Trump had started a policy of caging children, after ripping them from mom's arms--carefully concealing the truth that Obama had done the same--the Dems were rudderless.  They were reduced to a platform of "We love trannies," and "Higher taxes are great!" and "You should stop driving so much, and using so much electricity," and "Socialism is actually better than free markets," and "We Dems will let everyone go to college for free.  Really.  Totally free.  Trust us."

Oh, and "We Dems will give everyone a 'guaranteed income', so you don't have to work.  Cuz the Europeans are doing this and smart people wanna be more like them."  So...crap all the way.  But now they've found an emotional issue--and one that just happens to perfectly support the intrinsic hate they had for Trump anyway.

They've just rescued their prospects for November.

The ultimate propaganda prop: Brown child-doll in a dog cage.  Sure glad Obama never did that, eh citizen?
Dems have convinced their supporters that kids were "kidnapped."  And again, why no wailing about "child cages" when Obozo was president, eh?
Interesting:  Melania isn't responsible for any of this.  Wonder how loudly this bitch would have screamed if, three years ago, a conservative had held a sign saying "Fuck Michelle Obama"?

Having zero self-awareness, the person who posted the above pic added "We all need to stand united against hate"
Love the shirt on this racist, communist POS

As an aside, it's worth noting how adroitly leading Democrats who once claimed that they supported enforcing our immigration laws have pivoted to supporting open borders once they realized they could get more votes that way:
All Americans are rightly disturbed by the number of illegal alies entering our country.  That's why my administration has moved aggressively to secure our deporting...criminal aliens, cracking own on illegal hiring, by barring welfare payments to illegal aliens. --Bill Clinton, 1995
Those who enter our country illegally, and those who employ them, disrespect the rule of law....We cannot allow people to pour into the U.S....undocumented and unchecked. --B.H. Obama, 2006 (i.e. before he was elected)


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