Friday, June 29

You gotta watch five minutes of Rod Rosenstein's appearance before congress yesterday

Yesterday the attorney-general of the United States, Rod Rosenstein--who's also head of the so-called "Department of Justice" and thus supposedly nation's "top law-enforcement official"--appeared before the House committee investigating what's now grown to a huge number of seemingly illegal acts by the FBI and DOJ.

If you give a damn about the future of the United States you simply have to see five minutes of his lying and dodging the questions of Florida congressman Matt Gaetz.  The transcript simply doesn't do it justice.  The guy refused to give a SINGLE responsive answer.  His performance was a masterpiece of evasion and dissembling. 

Rosenstein was the official who signed (i.e. officially approved submission of) a "FISA application," asking the FISA court to authorize wiretaps on officials of the Trump administration.  (FISA = "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act")  The Act requires that when the government seeks to spy on American citizens, the application for permission to do so must state all facts, and truthfully. 

But sources report that the application failed to disclose that the "probable cause" was the faulty "Trump dossier" which we now know was paid for by the Hilliary campaign, the DNC and almost certain by the FBI itself.  Since Rosenstein signed the application he would likely be at some risk, because in signing the app he warrants that the information is truthful and complete.  Problem is, it wasn't.

So when Gaetz asked Rosenstein straight out:  "Did you read the application before you signed it?", Rosenstein refused to answer--because if he read it, he's broken the law, and if he didn't, he proves that no one was actually doing what they were being paid to do up there.

Which, of course, we've known for several years.


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