Thursday, June 28

Leftist editor tweets fake news blaming Trump for Annapolis newspaper shooting

Around 2:15 today a guy with a grudge against an Annapolis newspaper entered its building and fatally shot five of its employees.

Cynics said "Wonder how long it'll take for liberals to blame this on Trump?"

If you guessed "a bit over half an hour" you won, because at 2:48 the associate editor of the leftist website "Think Progress" tweeted this:

Yep, like clockwork this leftist asshole broadcasts that the shooter's rampage was due to "the president...actively promoting hatred of journalists."  

If Rupar had taken a minute to research the shooter's info he would have found that in 2011the shooter had sued the paper for libel after the paper correctly reported that he'd harassed a woman two years earlier.  Truth being a defense, the shooter lost the lawsuit--and had been steaming about it ever since.  

Of course since Rupar is a leftist, maybe he did know the truth and simply ignored it, since the facts debunked his perfect Trump-demonizing broadcast.  Gosh, does that sound like, oh...fake news?


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