Thursday, June 28

FBI counsel ordered Strzok not to answer many legitimate questions asked by congresscritters

Yesterday FBI chief counterintelligence officer Peter Strzok appeared before two congressional committees. 

"Yay, finally we'll get some answers!  Finally we'll learn what Strzok meant when he texted his mistress Lisa Page (a top FBI attorney) 'We will stop [Trump from being elected].'"

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!  That's a great dream, but if you really think the corrupt Deep State, anti-Trump, Dem-loving conspirators will ever give themselves up, you're naive.

Certainly the Republican congresscritters wanted Strzok to answer questions regarding his 50,000 text messages to Page while he was leading the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.  But buried deep in all the reporting of yesterday's circus was this from committee spokesperson Kathryn Rexrode:
Unfortunately, FBI counsel ordered Mr. Strzok not to answer many of the legitimate questions he was asked.
No one will confess unless threatened with really dire conssequences, like loss of their pension.  That penalty would cost top officials of the FBI and DOJ a few million dollars, so would be likely to get someone's attention.

But if you think anyone in congress will threaten the FBI you're too naive to...well, you get it.

In a sane world all these corrupt, lying officials would be tried and [         ] for trying to subvert the government of the United States.  But of course the Deep State will see to it that not a scintilla of punishment is meted out to its loyal troops. 


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