Wednesday, June 27

Why are Dems shrieking about "separating children" on the border NOW, when they said zip when Obozo did it?

For decades the U.S. government was run by the Democrats.  But for the last 20 years or so the percentage of people voting for each of the two major parties has been very close.

The leaders of the national Democrat party were quick to understand that immigrants were a promising source of new voters.  And since most immigrants are poor, they'd be likely to vote for whichever party promised them the most "free" benefits.  As in, you pay for the benefits that the Dems give the illegals.

Thus from Dems' standpoint, the more immigrants the better.

So their goal is to allow anyone who wants to live here to come right in--which is "open borders."  Although the new border-crossers couldn't legally vote unless they became citizens, the idea was to get 'em in and then attack the voting question (cunningly phrased as "voting rights") later.

And sure enough, Democrat mayors and councils have already passed laws allowing illegals to vote in city elections.  This gets the illegals into the Democrat party and wins their votes in municipal elections, further solidifying Democrat control of big cities.

When Americans are raped orkilled by drunk illegals, or murdered by other means, the leaders of the Democratic party hurry to assure us that crime is found in all ethnic groups (which is obviously true). They then imply (but don't explicitly state) that crime by illegal immigrants is no more common than crime by other groups.  This is a brazen lie, but no one calls 'em on it.

Then consider gang violence: the ultra-violent MS-13 gang is composed almost entirely of immigrants from Central America.  When members of that gang commit some ghastly murder, leaders of the Democrats know that coverage of that story reduce their chances of being able to pass a law opening our borders or greatly increasing immigration.  So leaders like Pelosi hurriedly call a press conference to assure people that members of MS-13 are really no worse than anyone else--that each is gifted with "the spark of divinity" (her exact words).

Thus the Dems have made a choice--quietly, and never admitted--to ignore MS-13 violence, rape and murders, drug trafficking, human trafficking and robberies across the country by illegals, in order to bring more illegals into the U.S.  Because that will eventually win them a permanent majority.

The Democrat leadership is willing to allow all the misery to be inflicted on Americans--and the vast cost of welfare and housing for most--because it will win them permanent control of the U.S. government.  And from their viewpoint, that's a bargain.


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