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Wanna see how deep the fix is in? Check the CV of the DA and judge in the Awan case

If you want to see a very clear example of how the fix is in, and how it works, read on.

Powerful people who break the law have many ways to make their "problems" disappear--to make charges against them vanish.  One way is to intimidate witnesses into either refusing to testify or to recant earlier claims that the powerful person did something outrageously illegal.

If that fails, powerful people often simply hire someone to kill the troublesome witness.

Usually one of those options works, but in the rare instances when honest law-enforcement officials protect a brave witness, powerful lawbreakers have still more options:  One is jury-tampering.  It's usually possible to bribe or threaten one member of a jury to prevent it from reaching a unanimous verdict, forcing a mistrial.  This gives the bad guys another year or so try the first two options again.

Finally, powerful lawbreakers are often able to ensure that their case is tried by a corrupt judge, who can rule the prosecution's most crucial evidence inadmissable, or overrule prosecutors' objections to defense attorneys leading or badgering key witnesses.

Two decades ago all these tactics were used by Mafia figures to try to escape justice.  There are many, many books detailing the lengths to which these people would go to walk free.  And it often worked.

With this background, consider the astonishing case of Imran Awan, who, sponsored by Dem congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was hired to manage the office computer systems for about 35 top Democrat members of the House.   Awan was never vetted for that job.  The other Democrats whose computers he "managed" simply took Debbie's recommendation of him, and that was that.

It's crucial to note here that Wasserman-Schultz was the chair of the Democrat National Committee, which has near-total control over how much money--if any--the party gives to its congress-shits for their re-election.  They knew that not doing whatever Debbie suggested would risk not getting party funds for re-election.

Awan was hired for virtually the highest salary congress-shits could legally pay a staffer.  He soon managed to get five members of his extended family hired for the same jobs, with different Dem congress-shits.  Except none of them knew jack about computers.  In fact one was flipping burgers for McDonald's when Awan pulled the strings to get him a $140,000 per year job.

According to other IT staffers, Awan was the only one who did much work.  The others were almost entirely "ghost employees."  This alone should be a separate federal charge.  But like everything else, it's been buried.

Awan also had several other rackets:  He'd order personal computers and expensive smart-phones, ostensibly for a congress-shit's office, but would bill the purchase as if it was for two separate items, each costing less than the $500 amount that would require them to be entered into the government's inventory system.  He did this scores of times, yet no one in the congreee-shit's office ever found any of the equipment.

Hundreds of pieces of pricey electronic gear were later found in the garage of a house he owned.  Some of these were marked as government equipment.  This should be a huge charge, yet has been...wait for it... buried.

And we're just getting started.

Awan and his co-conspirators had "administrator" passwords for all the systems they managed.  Forensic analysis shows they copied virtually all the data on the office computers to a single "server" in the office of former congress-shit Xavier Becerra.  When investigators asked Awan for a copy of the data on that server, he gave them what he said was the copy they demanded.  But it wasn't.  Instead investigators determined that it was a (presumably carefully-sanitized) fake.

Should have been a prison-eligible charge there too.  But...can you guess?  Right:  It's been buried.

Investigators then demanded the actual server itself.  But SURPRISE!  It's...uh...disappeared.  No charges.

Oh, by the way:  Democrat Xavier Becerra resigned his seat when he was offered the position of Attorney-General of California.  Normally you'd think that would be odd, resigning from congress for a less-powerful position.  But there ya go.

Next, one night Capitol police found a laptop in a niche in the Capitol building.  The user name was "REPDWS."  On top of the laptop was a photocopy of Awan's driver's license, and a letter saying "attorney-client privilege."

Of course "REPDWS" could be anybody, right?  Oooh, except Debbie--the chair of the Democrat National Committee--confronted the Capitol police and fought like a tiger to have 'em turn the laptop over to her before examining it.  So I guess that means she owned it, eh?  Amazingly (since this was when Obama was still emperor), the Capitol cops didn't cave, despite the most intimidating threats from Debbie.

So with that as background, we now learn that
  • Former Democratic IT aide Imran Awan was and is married to two women, in Virginia; Hina Alvi, and Sumaira Siddique;
  • Siddique told police Imran kept her “like a slave,” and obtained restraining orders against him;
  • Fairfax County (Virginia) police responded to disputes between Imran and Siddique in October 2015, November 2015 and July 2016.  In one case they reported Siddique had cuts on her]stomach and arm.
  • Soon afterward she returned to Pakistan, and shortly after arriving gunmen fired numerous rounds at her home;
  • Pakistani police have shown no interest in solving this incident;
  • In court papers filed in the U.S., Imran's stepmother claimed he had threatened her, saying he had the power to kidnap members of her family back in Pakistan;
In contrast to Wasserman Schultz’s outspokenness about Russian hackers, she told Florida media that Imran and his family “were being persecuted” and faced “racial, ethnic and religious profiling.” Her spokesman, David Damron, did not respond to questions about the Muslim women who expressed fears about Imran.
Imran’s other wife, Hina Alvi — who Wasserman Schultz also employed and who sources familiar with the couple said was Imran’s first cousin — said in court documents filed in Pakistan in September 2017 that Imran threatened violence against her in order to control her. Alvi also said Imran committed fraud and polygamy.

Imran retained a former aide to Hillary Clinton, Chris Gowen, as his attorney.  Now here's where it gets interesting:  In an interview with Sharyl Attkisson, Gowen said Imran did NOT have a second wife, and the threat accusations were a lie made up by “fake reporters.” He also said the cybersecurity and theft allegations in the IG report are false.

The Daily Caller News Foundation traveled to Pakistan and obtained the Pakistani marriage license between Imran and Siddique.  TheDCNF also obtained multiple Virginia restraining orders that said she and Imran had “cohabitated previously within 12 months” and ordering him to stay away from her, as well as three Virginia police records involving altercations between the pair.

Attorney Gowen has lashed out at “the outrageous conspiracy theorists driving a false narrative through the press."

Siddique's neighbors and associates said it was well-known in their Pakistani-American circles that Imran had taken two wives--under Islamic law men can have up to four wives--and that both wives lived in Virginia.

Now:  No one can possibly be surprised that a former aide to Hilliary would lie.  What jumps out is that the son of a bitch would lie about something so easily proven to BE a lie.  Why, it's almost as breathtaking as swearing that "The killing of four Americans in Benghazi was caused by a video on the internet" when Hilliary's own emails to Chelsea showed she and Obama already knew that was totally false.

But hey, at this point, what possible difference could it make, right?

Awan has now had six court hearings postponed.  Rumor is that he and Hina Alvi are getting ready to agree to a plea deal.  The terms of this deal will tell us whether the good guys or the bad guys have won.  Which in turn will tell us whether the Democrats--Debbie, her friends in the FBI and DOJ, the traitors in congress, the Podesta brothers and the rest--will have won.

One clue is that the judge in Awan's case--Tanya Chutkan--is a hard-left liberal appointed by emperor Obama.  Chutkan contributed to his Obama’s first presidential campaign eight separate times.

Her former law firm also represents Huma Abedin, Hilliary's top aide.  Many Democratic lawyers who worked for Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and Barack Obama’s White House work for the firm.

These facts concern rank-and-file FBI agents who are pressing to expand the case to encompass Awan’s two brothers and press an indictment for selling intelligence gleaned and possibly stolen from Congressional IT network the Awams were charged with safeguarding.

“It’s rigged from almost every angle,” a frustrated FBI insider said.

That’s because the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia — Channing Phillips — who has the final say on what charges to bring in the case, and what plea bargains are offered-- is yet another Democrat appointed guessed it:  Obama--who appointed Phillips just months before the grand jury convened to weigh evidence in the Awan case.

But could Phillips perhaps be honest?  Well, he's a long time protege of former Obama attorney-generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.  Phillips worked under both for many years.

FBI agents fear District Attorney Phillips and judge Chutkan have rigged the Awan case to protect Obama, Lynch, Holder and former DNC chair Wasserman-Schultz.  Among other things, FBI sources believe someone in Congress tipped the Awans off months before their grand jury indictment.

Chutkan has come under fire recently for tilting the case in Awan’s favor, granting motions by Awan's legal team to give the accused fraudster more leeway and travel freedom with his pretrial intervention program, while stifling third-party motions to offer evidence in the case.

Hopefully you can now see the parallels between the ways the Mafia dons fixed the outcome of cases against them and what we're seeing today.

But remember, citizens:  Your mainstream media has repeatedly assured you that Obama had no scandals at all in his administration.  Just 8 wonderful years of prosperity and faaabulous race relations!  It was a golden age for all.  Yay!!!


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