Tuesday, June 19

Shrieks and lies of the "Trump treating children inhumanely" brigade continue

The outrage!  by Democrats over separating children from arrested illegal aliens at the border continues to build, as part of a carefully-orchestrated campaign by the Left and their allies in the  Lying Media.  The tweet below is typical.  (For those not familiar with national politics, Kamala Harris is a U.S. senator from California and a hard-Left Democrat):

Another Democrat senator, this time from Connecticut, compared the policy to the Holocaust (Hitler's Nazi's sending Jews to concentration camps).

Insane bitch Kathy Griffin screamed her anger at (amazingly) innocent First Lady Melania Trump, (calling her "Melanie" as a swipe at the president making a type in a tweet of his own):

Not surprisingly, Hilliary Clinton chimed in, lying that
This is not happening because of the “Democrats’ law,” as the White House has claimed. Separating families is not mandated by law at all. That is an outright lie. And it is incumbent on all of us, journalists and citizens alike, to call it just that. …
Again not surprisingly, Clinton's statement was so weasel-worded as to be a lie:  the policy of arresting illegal aliens who sneak across the border is in accord with U.S. law.  And a ruling by a federal judge several years ago bars the government from putting children in adult prisons.  So the only way the government can avoid separating children from illegal-alien border crossers (who may not even be their parents) is by simply releasing the adults with the children.  Meaning we would have de=facto open borders, which is what the Democrats want.

Even former first lady Laura Bush joined the Dem critics, writing a piece for the Washington Post  attacking the separation policy as if it started under Trump's administration, when in fact it's been U.S. policy under Obama and Bush.

Interestingly, Mrs. Bush never said a word of criticism about the policy during the entire 8 years of Obama's reign, but has criticized Trump often, including women who voted for him.

It's also interesting that in many cases when immigration officials question the so-called parents of the children they claim are their offspring, the adults claiming to be the parents can't answer basic questions about their alleged children, like birthdates.  The kids are similarly ignorant of the details of the people claiming to be their parents.

As one official said, instead of answering the questions, both adults and children spout the same identical, scripted phrases, as if they've been coached.

This won't end well, because the Democrats and the Left and their media allies know they have an emotional issue here.  If they keep wailing and moaning about the "cruel, inhumane" conditions forced on these "poor, unfortunate children," they'll win sympathy and votes.

And of course low-information voters (the Dem base) believe none of this ever happened under Obama--which is flatly false, as demonstrated by the pics from 2014 that unwitting leftists claimed were taken after Trump took office.  It captured the news cycle for two days, but the Dems aren't likely to make that mistake again.

They'll make different ones.   And the media will shriek for two days, then cover for them.

Meanwhile, separating children from their actual parents continues to happen, but this time the blame rests with Obama and Democrats, since the separation is due to illegal aliens separating American kids from their parents permanently, by murdering them.  But the mainstream media isn't a bit interested in telling you about that sort of separation, because it hurts the Democrat narrative.


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