Sunday, June 17

Chuck Schumer tries to sound folksy, calls Korea summit "all cattle, no hat" in prepared speech

Chuck Schumer (D-New York) is arguably what passes for the Democrats' "thinker."  And of course all Dems are now totally deranged that Trump appears to have reached an agreement with Korea's dictator to end his country's nuclear bomb program. 

Certainly the outcome won't be known for some time, but the mere fact that Trump met the guy and he signed an agreement saying he'd de-nuke is driving the Dems crazy.  In the span of one month Trump managed to turn the "crisis" of "OMG!  Trump's threatening talk is causing that poor misunderstood Kim to threaten the U.S. with a nuclear bomb!" to "Okay, let's talk," to "Hey, if you Norks are gonna be nasty, forget the whole thing," to finally, successful summit.  In one month!

So three days after the summit, Schumer gets up in front of the senate and says
The summit was much more show than substance--what the Texans call "all cattle, no hat." 
Of course this caused huge laughter in those of us in the real world, since moron Schumer got the saying totally ass-backwards:  As everyone outside of New York and the metrosexual east coast knows, someone who's blowing smoke is summarized as "all hat, no cattle."

Now, everyone can get in trouble when they try to ad-lib, and if Chuckles had been trying to ad-lib it would be just a normal mistake, like Barack saying "my Muslim faith" on live TV, or saying "I want to visit all 57 states."  But Chuckles was reading from a prepared speech.  Which means he had hours or even a couple of days to wonder whether that phrase seemed a bit...odd.

But it evidently didn't occur to him.  Uh...not right bright, eh?

And to think this dumb son-of-a-bitch is running the Democrat party.  Amazing.  Scary.  And explains SO much!

In the clip below, all the action is in the first 20 seconds.


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