Sunday, June 17

One evening in New York City

From Ace of Spades (a fun group):
Guy goes into a new, hi-tech bar in New York where all the bartenders are robots.  Sits down at the bar and the robot bartender asks "What'll you have?"

The guy replies, "Whiskey."
The robot brings him a whiskey, and after a minute asks "What's your IQ?"

Guy says "168."  And the robot chats with him about physics, space exploration and medical technology.

After the guy leaves he pauses at the corner and thinks about the amazing experience he's just had.  And the more he thinks about it, the more curious he gets.  So he decides to go back and try an experiement.

He sits down and the robot asks "What'll you have?"

Guy replies, "Whiskey."

The robot comes back with his drink and asks "What's your IQ?"

This time the man replies, "100." And the robot chats with him about NASCAR, Budweiser, LSU and the World Wrestling Federation.

The guy finishes his drink and once more leaves, but by now he's so interested in the amazing technology that he decides to try one more experiment.  So he heads back to the bar.

Sits down, and the robot asks him what he'd like to drink.


The robot brings the drink and asks "What's your IQ?"  This time the man answers "50."

The robot leans close to him and slowly asks "So, are you people still mad that Hillary lost?"


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