Monday, June 25

Separating children from parents NOW: "Horrible! Inhumane!" Four years ago? Not a peep

Separating children of illegal border-crossers from their parents is required by law.  It happened 80,000 times under Obama and no one said a critical word.  But suddenly leading Democrats and their media allies are screaming bloody murder about it.

Why the huge, total difference?  Hmmmm.....could it be...
  • Screaming "Russia! Russia! Russia! Collusion! didn't result in Trump's impeachment;
  • Screaming that Trump was colluding with the NRA to defend the second amendment, which was enabling crazed killers to murder school kids didn't result in Trump's impeachment;
  • Screaming that Trump had an affair with a porn star didn't result in Trump's impeachment;
  • Screaming that the GOP/Trump tax bill only gave "crumbs" to workers (as Nancy Pelosi literally called the bonuses and raises) didn't result in Trump's impeachment;
And now with the IG report--apparently with another one to come--has proven that FBI agents conspired to prevent Trump from winning (totally illegal, of course), and conspired again to clear Hilliary of any wrongdoing re her private email server before even interviewing her, and put a spy in the Trump campaign, do ya' think the Dems might be desperate to find something--anything--that might distract the public from this?

They're so desperate to find something to impeach Trump with that they're willing to use the "separating children" issue even though it's easy to learn that Obama did the same thing.  But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, eh?


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