Monday, June 25

CNN, MSNBC cut away from Trump event with parents *permanently* separated from their children--by illegals

For a week now, top Democrat leaders (Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Eric Swallwell, Maxine Waters) and their media allies have been furiously fanning the flames of anti-Trump hate over the legally-mandated policy of not putting children in adult prisons.

As everyone knows by now, this was being done when illegals crossed the border surreptitiously with children.  The law requires that children not be detained in adult facilities. so the kids were taken to a children-only facility.

According to Dems and the media separating children from parents--even if temporarily--is inhumane and unspeakably cruel.  Of course they totally ignore the fact that a) this is what U.S. law requires; and b) that emperor Obama did the same thing.  But hey, let's run with their rules for a bit.

Last Friday the president held an event featuring the parents of Americans whose children were separated from them permanently--killed by aliens who were in the U.S. illegally (more concisely known as "illegal aliens").  Trump invited them to address the audience--including viewers on TV--telling the stories of how their beloved children were killed by illegals.

You'd think Americans should probably hear these stories, so they'd be able to put the Democrat screaming in perspective.  But the two biggest leftist U.S. cable-TV networks didn't want you to hear the stories from these parents, just the ones told by leftist/socialist/open-borders demonstrators.

So these two Democrat-loving, conservative-hating cable-TV channels--outfits that claim to bring their viewers "The News"--cut away from the president's event Friday with families of people killed by illegal immigrants, instead switching to coverage of Democrats and their demonstrators complaining about treatment at the border.

The moment American parents on stage with the president started telling viewers how  the self-proclaimed "news media" were ignoring their stories, CNN and MSNBC cut away from them--thus ensuring their viewers don't get to hear the truth.

Whoa, isn't that sorta' like "fake news" or something?

It's like the mainstream media only wants you to know about certain events.  If something doesn't help the Democrats, they don't cover it, or just barely mention it. 

Demonstrating a classic lack of awareness, the moment CNN cut away from the event, talking-head Brooke Baldwin questioned why the parents were complaining about the news media’s lack of interest in their stories.

CNN then went to a live shot from outside a Texas detention facility for illegal immigrant children.
The chyron read: “Thousands of kids in limbo as Trump’s order sparks confusion.”
MSNBC returned to its continuing coverage of the family separation issue under the banner “families torn apart.”

Classic stuff.  It's how they roll.  Lying rat-bastards.


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