Saturday, June 23

Example #524,967 of how the Lying Mainstream Media lies to make readers/viewers hate Trump

This is just f'n outrageous--but then, no different from most other examples of media lies.

Below is Time magazine's latest cover.  As you see, it shows president Trump towering over a small girl, who's crying.  It's accompanied by the text "Welcome to America."  And as you can guess, the cover has fanned the Left's and Democrats' Trump-hate to even higher levels.

The cover immediately fanned the outraged Dems to amp up their demands that Trump end the practice of separating children of illegal alien border crossers from their parents when those parents were arrested, as they have been for the past dozen years, as prescribed by U.S. law.

The original photo of the crying child was widely used by media organizations, including CNN, to illustrate stories about children being taken from their parents after attempting to cross the border. But Time, with its iconic covers, became the center of a media ethics conversation.  Here's the original pic, which was picked up by many media outlets:

MSN cunningly describes the practice of separating children from arrested parents as "the Trump administration's policy," cleverly omitting to mention that this was also done routinely under emperor Obama, as well as under G.W. Bush, thus making the low-info or younger reader believe the policy began under Trump.
But as details about the little girl emerged this week, the real story emerged. 

As MSN cunningly puts it, "Critics claim the cover is misleading..." 

Not "The cover is misleading," but "Critics claim....," which makes it appear that the cover is telling a true story but that "critics" are claiming--presumably falsely--that it's misleading.

MSN then spends a few paragraphs telling you that the photographer has won a Pulitzer Prize, as if that somehow makes him unbiased. 

To begin with, the girl's mother was a foot away--her leg can be seen in the original photo--being searched by border patrol agents, and the two were never separated. 
Next investigators learned that the girl's father, who is still in Honduras, says his wife left him and her other 3 children behind and went to the U.S. to get a better job.  She brought her two-year-old along on the long trek because she'd been told that having a young child would mean the mother wouldn't be arrested if she was caught illegally entering the U.S.

So the real story was not at all what Time's cover implied.  But Editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal said that even though there was no separation in this case, "Our cover and our reporting capture the stakes of this moment."

"Capturing the stakes of this moment" is apparently newspeak for "Fake but essentially accurate."


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