Monday, June 25

Rising Dem star ordered battery-powered bus disaster, now trying to make all city buses battery-powered

One of the requirements for being nominated as a Democrat is that you have to enthusaistically proclaim that you believe the planet is warming by an unusual and dangerous amount, and that the cause is the increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Further, you have to believe this increase isn't natural, but is caused by human activity--mainly driving, heating your homes and hot water, and using electricity.

Then if you're elected as a Dem, you're expected to do support every manner of idea that has as its stated goal reducing the amount of CO2 emitted.  Add the ability to write tax loopholes, throw in a few billion taxpayer dollars and presto!--forests of wind generators, electric cars and buses, and all the other schemes.

(Obama even forced the military to buy "biofuels" for ships, at a cost five times that of regular fuel oil.  This one is even more twisted since it does absolutely nothing to reduce CO2, but simply swaps  a far more costly fuel for regular petroleum.  But it's still a great thing for the planet because shut up!

By now the total spent by all levels of government to combat the fake crisis of global warming "climate change" must  be approaching $100 billion or so.  And now I'd like to tell you about one corrupt politician's personal crusade:

Eric Garcetti is the mayor of Los Angeles.  Being a good Democrat he's, like, totally down with the fight against global warming climate change, and to prove it he was (and is) determined to change the city's buses to battery power. 

LA actually began buying lots of electric buses before Garcetti was elected mayor in 2013.  When the city started buying electric buses in 2008--from a Chinese battery manufacturer called BYD Ltd--Garcetti a city councilman, becoming its president in 2006.  Of course the city council had to approve the bus buy, and Garcetti would become its pres two years later, so obviously he was for the buy and a big influence in getting his fellow council members to vote for it.

Last Wednesday the LA Times published a story saying the buses are an expensive disaster:  They
stalled on hills, required frequent service calls and had far less range than the company promised.   Although BYD promised the buses had a range of 175 miles, records show drivers only averaged 59 miles between charges.

In fact the first five buses from BYD were pulled off the road after less than five months of service.
Internal emails show Metro staff said they were “unsuitable,” poorly made and unreliable for over 100 miles.

But despite the awful record, the transit agency awarded BYD tens of millions of dollars more in orders.  By coincidence, mayor Garcetti chairs Metro’s board.  Records show two city departments gave BYD contracts without using competitive bids.  City managers told staff the purchases were “political."

Despite the awful results, Garcetti led an effort to force Metro to convert its entire fleet of 2,200 buses to BYD battery-powered versions.

If you're CEO of a company, and make a costly mistake, you get fired.  By huge contrast, if you're a Democrat politician--especially of Mexican origin, as Garcetti is--and push through a multimillion-dollar disaster, you get a pass, and can run for president (as Garcetti is considering doing) with the confidence that no reporter will ever bring it up. 

Why?  Because you were "trying to fight global warming," trying to "save the planet" from the eeebil oil companies.  And the most important get-out-of-jail-free card: you had good intentions.

Of course that only works for liberal or socialist politicians.  But hey, don't be an old-fashioned partisan, citizen.  Why do labels?  We're all in this together, right?  Besides, it's not like you peons citizens actually paid these millions yourselves, eh?

Oh, you did?  Eh, never mind.


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