Saturday, June 23

"What do Democrats call this person?"

Know what the leaders of the Democrat party call this charming young man?

A "Dreamer."

Really.  Isn't that delightful?  Reassuring?  Brings to mind inspiring images of young people dreaming about becoming doctors or pilots or researchers or firefighters, or about getting married, or....killing American kids by hacking them to death with machetes.  Cuz in reality this guy is a member of a gang whose actual, literal motto is "Rape, kill, control."


But then you surely knew that.  Cuz surely your honest, unbiased, never-fake-news mainstream media has mentioned that whenever one of these charmers killed anyone in this country, right?

Wait, you say you never heard that?  But surely it's relevant, dontcha think?  Oh wait, that's right:  Reading or hearing that bit of inconvenient truth would hurt the Democrat narrative.  Whoa, can't have that, eh?

You need to know that Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and Hilliary Clinton and Chuck Schumer and Eric Swallwell and Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren want to let an UNLIMITED NUMBER of these bloodthirsty monsters  so-called "dreamers" enter the U.S.  Cuz that's what "open borders" would mean.

But do, do be sure to vote Democrat in November, citizen.  And join any pro-open-borders demonstrations in your area.  Cuz the most important thing this year is to help the Democrats achieve open borders.  After all, as the next president of Mehico says, "It's a basic human right!"


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