Monday, June 25

Headline in left-wing rag: "Hell freezes;" or something close to it

This is a screenshot of the leftist rag Huffington Post:

Whoa!  A female writer, for the leftist HuffPo, says "women are evil"??  I'm pretty sure something's up here, cuz she'd never get away with that otherwise.

And sure enough, one of the four women in the pic is the president's daughter and the others work in his administration.   Hmmm...anyone starting to see a pattern yet?

The text then complains that some women have the gall! to NOT be Democrats / liberals / socialists.

How DARE they?!

So what the author--and the rag--really means is..."Conservative women are evil."

Ah, now it all makes sense again.  For a second I thought that Hell had frozen or something.


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