Friday, June 8

LGBTs pressure Philly pols to bar Catholic Church from placing kids in foster care

When the militant LGBT lobby began seriously pressuring politicians (and their friends in the judicial system) to legalize same-sex marriage, conservatives warned that this would have unexpected and harmful consequences.

The "elites" and media talking heads--who all agreed with the gays--ridiculed this, accusing conservatives of being stupid, unsophisticated, unenlightened, deplorable--you remember all those names.

Sure enough, it was just months after that that gays began suing bakers and florists and photographers for declining to provide their services for same-sex weddings.  Several bakers were driven into bankruptcy, not through federal law but by means of nasty state commissions that had been given the power to fine people deemed to be anti-gay.

But there's more:  You may have heard that the U.S. has far too few couples willing to serve as foster parents.  For example, in March Philadelphia's city government put out an urgent call for 300 couples to be foster parents.  But just a day later the city abruptly barred Catholic Social Services--one of the most successful foster agencies in the city--from placing any children in foster homes.

You may well wonder why.  Turns out the LGBTQYEI lobby screamed bloody murder because the Catholic church doesn't support placing kids with same-sex couples.

And Philadelphia's cowardly, elite politicians caved in to the demands of the LGBTQRS crowd.  Which means kids needing foster homes will be denied that service--simply because the city's pols caved to the LGBT mob.

Now, at this point the LGBT crowd only has two choices:  It can either say "Okay, we admit no one foresaw that this would happen"; or "We knew all along this type of thing would happen (churches being removed from foster placement due to LGBT pressure on pols), and we're happy that it did, and anyone who doesn't like it can fuck off."

Of course they will refuse to choose either of these, and because not a single mainstream reporter will ever put 'em on the spot by asking, they'll get to skate.  Forever.

And interestingly, this is what all liberals get to do when they demand some insane, disastrous, totally unworkable program--like free college for all, or a guaranteed national income for everyone, or supposedly "free" sex change operations for inmates or medicaid or medicare patients (i.e. paid for by taxpayers):  When it goes to shit, no one ever asks the libs if they knew it would happen or if they were just too damn dumb to see it (or even to acknowledge the other side made a reasonable point in warning about exactly the outcome that eventually happened).

Now, chances are that you aren't an orphan or ward of the state in Philly, so you don't have a dog in this hunt.  But multiply this by ten-thousand and you can see why we have so many crazy programs in this country, and why government--at every level--keeps doing stupid shit that not only doesn't solve the problems but makes 'em much worse. 

It's too bad there's not some sort of job that would pay employees to ferret out facts and publish them.


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