Saturday, June 16

Paroled drug dealer murders four people in three separate events over three years

You may have read a two-paragraph article saying that a prisoner being transported by two sheriff's deputies in Kansas City fatally shot both.  The killer was also shot and here's everything the national media has to say about him:  "He's in the hospital."  Period.

A few stories in national media ran the story, with pics of the murdered deputies--one a female--telling how long each had been with the department, how old their children are and so on.  But I have yet to read a national story that goes into any more detail on the murderer.

Every time that happens--and it's happening a LOT in the last few years--it instantly makes me suspicious.  And if you dig far enough, you sometimes find the reason.

The prisoner they were transporting was a heroin dealer named Antoine Fielder, who had a long record.  He'd been convicted of selling drugs around 2012 and served a short sentence before being paroled in August of 2014.  Convinced the parole board he was....mumble bullshit.

On June 30, 2015, 22-year-old Kelsey Ewonus was found shot dead inside her car in Kansas City, Kansas.  Kelsey was a heroin addict, and Antoine--now 27--was her supplier.  The two had spent the night before she was killed together at a local hotel.  Security cameras recorded the two there and at several clubs that night.

Kelsey Ewonus, murdered by Antoine Fielder
Witnesses told cops that a week before Kelsey was shot, Antoine had "traded" three boxes of bullets--of the type used to kill Kelsey.  "Traded"--with no other explanation--seems to suggest Antoine traded heroin for the bullets, but no matter.

Then mysteriously, witnesses started recanting.  The Wyandotte County prosecutor would eventually  charge Antoine with two counts of tampering with a witness.

Despite the security videos, the trial ended in a hung jury.  So a year later they re-tried him, with the same result.  So on     they released him.   District Attorney Mark Dupree said Wednesday threats of harm to witnesses could have contributed to the two hung juries in the 2015 murder case.

Then just months after his release, on Dec. 26, 2017, Fielder fatally shot a 55-year-old woman, Rosemarie Harmon.  Witnesses said Fielder stood over Harmon and fired several shots at her.  Fielder also shot someone only identified as "her male friend."  Which by itself is interesting, but leave it for now.

Cops got a description of the shooter's vehicle, stopped it shortly afterward and found a 9mm handgun under the seat.  Shell casings exactly matched those found at the murder scene.

So now, five months later, Antoine was being taken back to jail after a courtroom hearing.  Escorting him were two deputies, a man and a woman.  Indications are that Antoine grabbed one deputy's gun and shot both.  He was then shot by a third deputy who happened to be a few yards away.

Two sheriff's deputies murdered by Antoine Fielder
So Antoine has now killed four people in three different attacks over three years.  Before being tried for his first murder prosecutors charge he threatened witnesses, pressuring them to either recant or not testify.  Wonder how these other three trials will go?



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