Thursday, June 14

Venezuela: death spiral continues in what was once the richest nation in South America

Much of the world has watched, aghast, as the destruction of Venezuela by moronic socialist thugs continues.

Just 20 years ago Venezuela had the highest per-capita income in all of South America.  Now, after 20 years of socialism--led by morons, powered by thugs with guns--most of the people are starving.

The most recent news from that country is chilling:

 * According to Gallup, Venezuela is now the least safe place the world, having tumbled below Afghanistan in the rankings.

 * The country’s health care system is verging on non-existent, as hospitals not only have run out of medicines, some hospitals don’t even have running water.

 * Polio has re-emerged in Venezuela, 30 years after it was declared extinct there.

 * Venezuela is said to have more proven oil reserves than any other country, but its socialist government can’t keep the petroleum flowing, as virtually everyone with the skill to do so has left the country. As a result, Venezuela’s oil exports are heading toward zero.

 * Surprised at their inability to create wealth by decree, Venezuela’s socialists have done what most uneducated socialists believe is an exact equivalent: they printed lots of bank notes.  As a direct result inflation is now at 24,600% per year, and the currency is essentially worthless.  A month's average wage will barely buy a dozen eggs.  Scavenging for food in dumpsters is more profitable than working for worthless bolivars.

You may wonder how, having caused such utter, near-universal misery, Venezuela’s socialist government can possibly stay in power.  The answer is that the president dissolved the elected legislature and packed the country's supreme court with his toadies--which is an idea seriously proposed by a Democrat strategist here in the U.S.

Oh, and now one other measure, stronger than any decree: Accounts of brutal torture.  [Link to "Held Incommunicado for Tweeting in Venezuela" in the link at the top.]


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