Saturday, May 26

Is the FBI corrupt? Would you believe they'd shoot an unarmed woman in her own home without warning?

As some of you may have heard, the entire top leadership of the FBI and "Department of Justice" (sarc) has been accused of intentional lawbreaking, both in paying one or more people to spy on the president's campaign, and in deliberately torpedoing the investigation into Hilliary's email server.  The previous director and several deputies have been fired, and more have taken retirement. 

The Lying Mainstream Media is screaming as loudly and as often as possible that the FBI and DOJ are totally doubleplusgood, citizen.  (College students:  That's a reference to a *very* relevant novel.  Extra points if you know the name.)  But in fact the FBI has been corrupt from top to bottom for decades.

Example: If someone told you that a guy who'd never been accused of a single act of violence, or threat of violence, was on his own property with his wife and four kids, and that FBI agents came on his property, without announcement or warning, and fatally shot his dog and one of his sons; and then the next day, again with no warning, an FBI sniper a fatally shot the man's his wife, you'd probably think that was fiction.  Simply un-possible in this free country.

Remember, they guy they were looking for had never done anything violent, or threatened violence.  The only beef they had was a fake charge that he'd sold two short-barrelled shotguns (one-quarter inch less than the legal limit, by the FBI's admission) to an FBI informant.

This happened on August 21 and 22, 1992.  The bureau has been corrupt for decades.

American Leftists used to hate the FBI, and routinely charged them with being corrupt.  But somewhere along the line that changed.  Oh, yeah:  That happened during Obama's reign.  Suddenly the Lying Mainstream Media (the left's ally) decided the Obama FBI/DOJ was as pure as the driven snow.

Funny, that.  Anyway, if you wanna see what Wiki says about this (and Wiki is *totally* in the tank for the Left), click here.


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