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"World Scout Movement" requires condoms be provided at U.S. scout jamboree; what sort of sex are they expecting?

This post will indeed get to the title point, but some background is vital:

For decades, Communists have been using a brilliant strategy:  Use liberals in target nations to destroy their own society.  One of the most successful ways to do this is to push the following idea:
We're all One World, all one people.  Since that's true, obviously there's no need for nations to have armed forces, because why would any nation want to go to war when we're people, one world?  And in an era of "one world," 'nationalism' is totally...provencial.  Backward.  Primitive.  Stupid.  Instead, enlightened people--and you are enlightened, right?--need to demand more sophisticated ways of thinking:  All your national organizations should become "World organizations."
And as you might have guessed, when liberals agreed that "world" organizations were, y'know, so much more sophisticated, guess who had the rules and staff for every such organization already selected, written up and ready to go?

The staffers chosen for such organizations weren't Russian but were third-world nationals.  They didn't have any obvious ties to communism, but many had been educated in the Soviet Union and in fact were reliable assets.

Point of the above is, any organization with "World..." in its title is almost certainly controlled by the communists.  World Council of Churches, to name one of many examples.

Which brings us to a thing called the "World Scout Jamboree," to be held in West Virginia from July 21 to Aug. 1, with the theme “Unlock a New World.”

According to the official promotional material, the "World Scout Jamboree" is an "official event" of the World Organization of the Scout Movement--so your alarms should be going off.  The Boy Scouts (soon to be renamed "Scouts BSA") are co-hosting this event with scouting organizations of  Canada and Mexico. 

With "World..." so prominently featured, liberals are totally excited about this international festival.

But buried deep in the "World Organization of Scouting Movement" handbook is a...curious...requirement:  the host organization "must ensure that condoms are readily and easily accessible for all participants AND [International Service Team staff] at a number of locations on the site.”

Andy Chapman, vice chairperson [the World Organization used that PC term] of the "World Scout Committee," quickly tried to trivialize this bizarre requirement.  In a written statement Chapman wrote that this requirement has "been in place" for the past two World Scout Jamborees.

Ah, well, nevermind then.  If it's been a requirement for the past two "Jamborees" it must be perfectly innocuous and you shouldn't question it.  Because "settled, longstanding policy."

I just wish some reporter would have asked Andy Chapman (or any of the other dipshits in the "World Organization of the Scout Movement" this question:
Other than the joke use as water balloons, condoms have only one purpose:  to make sex safer.  Since there are not, as yet, any girls in this organization, tell us, Mr. Chapman, what kind of sex the World Organization of the Scout Movement thinks may or will occur at this event?
And why the specific requirement that condoms be "readily and easily accessible for...the International Service Team staff"?  This implies that the staff will be using same.  Can you explain why this is a reasonable thing for your organization to encourage?
One of the most effective ways to defeat a nation is to convince most of its young men that their way of life--their nation--isn't worth defending.  Oviously this requires a long time to do, but it does work.  And one of the ways you accomplish this is by convincing young men that many of the admired institutions around them are corrupt, fraudulent, not what they profess to be.

At that point they're "easy pickins."

Most Americans think this is tinfoil-hat stuff--simply nutty conjecture, without a shred of evidence.

If you agree, I suggest you study recent history:  In the period before WW2, "internationalists" had so thoroughly taken over the prestige universities of Britain that the leaders of the Oxford student union openly declared that if war came, they would refuse to fight.

There's a reason highschools don't teach real history anymore.


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