Tuesday, May 22

Democrat leaders Schumer and Pelosi outline their party's midterm strategy; wow!

When Democrat party leaders want to get propaganda out to voters, all they have to do is announce a "press conference" and invite their supporters from the various Democrat media outlets that masquerade as "entertainment networks."  The scribes will ensure that their bidding is done perfectly.

Sure enough, two days ago Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer held court on the capitol steps, and their media allies at NBC faithfully conveyed their propaganda to the peons.  (That would be us.)

NBC's website posted the astonishing performance under the title
Turning up the heat on Trump: Dems say 'culture of corruption' to be focus of midterms

Subhead: "The party has decided to go full drain-the-swamp on the president's administration, after debating whether to target economic issues or alleged wrongdoing in the coming elections.

The first thing one notices is, what are the Democrats doing echoing one of president Trump's most popular campaign slogans? You know they don't actually have even the slightest intention of "draining the swamp"--the cesspool of unelected, permanent "deep-state" left-wing bureaucrats that ensure the federal government just continues to do what the Left wants, no matter who's president--since it's exactly this pool of treasonous rat-bastard leftist holdovers that keep the Dems in power no matter who wins.

Then you finally realize that the Democrat whores didn't actually use that term.  Instead, NBC used it for them, knowing full well it was one of Trump's most popular campaign slogans.  Now why would the rat-bastards at NBC do that?

You don't suppose they did it to try to fool low-information voters into thinking the Democrats actually supported the president's efforts to get rid of the haughty, unelected, overpaid, over-pensioned super-bureaucrats who daily run roughshod over your rights, do ya?

Oh, but the malicious, lying sacks at NBC are just getting started!  To emphasize the fiction that the Dems are gonna "drain the swamp," NBC added they're promising they're going to
...make prosecuting what they called a "culture of corruption" in President Donald Trump's administration a central theme of this year's midterm elections.
You think I'm kidding. You can't imagine the useless liars at NBC would be so brazen, so dishonest, as to steal one of Trump's most popular ideas and put it forth as if it was the Democrats' idea.  It's just too, too brazen, too huge of a deception.  But sure enough, here's Chuckie:
"The swamp has never been more foul or more feted than under this president," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said at a news conference on the Capitol steps.

The strategy is a bit of a departure for Democrats, who have so far focused more on advancing their own economic ideas and middle-class pocketbook agenda rather than taking on Trump.
Really?  NBC wants you to believe "Democrats...have so far focused more on advancing...middle-class pocketbook agenda"?  Wow, that's a whopper!  Guess that's why not a single congressional Democrat voted for the Trump tax cuts, eh?  Cuz they're so focused on...what was that again?  Oh yeah: "advancing middle-class pocketbook agenda."

See, that last phrase is so stilted, so...um..."circumlocutory" (avoids saying something in a straightforward way)...that two minutes after you read it, you've forgotten what it meant.  Which of course is the entire point.

To drive the point home that the Dems are all about helping regular folks, here's another senior Dem congresswhore:
"The problem is that a lot of people hear that (economic) message, they agree with that message, but they're not convinced that we can actually get it done because they view Washington as captured by special interests," Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md., who helped craft the new strategy, told NBC News.
Ummm...yessss, I can certainly see how a lot of Americans "view Washington as captured by special interests."  Kinda like why emperor Obama invited 50,000 Muslims to live in the U.S., while leaving virtually all Christians in the war zone to fend for themselves.
He added at the news conference: "The people know what happens when a culture of corruption takes hold. Government works for somebody else and not for them."
Yeah, congressman, I think we've all got that one figured out.  And better yet, we know who's been running that "culture of corruption" for decades.  And it's not conservatives.
It's an effort to provide an overarching framework of the myriad scandals in Washington, from Scott Pruitt's Environment Protection Agency to the Trump-Russia saga, arguing that they all come back to a culture in which donors are rewarded, not voters.
"Instead of delivering on his promise to drain the swamp, President Trump has become the swamp," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. "Republicans in the White House and the Congress are cravingly beholden to big money interest and the American people are paying the price."
Oh yes, certainly, dahling.  We believe you.  Really.  But the real howler came from Chuckie:
"Too many Americans don’t know what we stand for," Schumer said.
No, Chuck, I'm pretty sure we know what you stand for.  You still want to undermine American values, give illegal aliens more rights than citizens, trash our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, coddle and release terrorists, line your bank accounts in ways that would get normal citizens arrested, break laws that would put most of us in jail, undermine a duly elected president and spy on citizens who say things you don't like. 

In short, Chuck, you and your party support exactly the opposite of the principles America was founded on. So yeah, we know exactly what you stand for.


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