Wednesday, May 23

Leftist loon writing for fashion mag praises Rosenstein and his refusal to comply with congress's demand

If you think the Left isn't trying to depose president Trump, here's an article that may convince you.  It's from the mens' fashion mag Esquire, by one Charles Pierce, titled
For Now, We'll Trust That Rod Rosenstein Is Playing the President* Like a Five-Cent Violin
sub-head: "The indications are the Deputy AG is a crafty bureaucrat."

Before we start, you'll note Pierce's cute use of asterisks every time he uses "president" or "administration."  He doesn't explain the meaning, but undoubtedly it's an inside joke for regular readers of the rag.
Every day that Robert Mueller and his tunnel rats continue to labor under the foul mire that is this administration* is a day when the White House loses. Every day in which Mueller goes home at night still in the same job is a day when the president* is one day closer to possibly losing his.

So it’s easy to read too much into the meeting late Monday afternoon when deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI director Chris Wray dropped by the White House to talk to the president* in response to the latest administration* fever dream about how the previous administration had gone all Gordon Liddy on the Trump campaign—and just because that campaign was lousy with crooks, mountebanks, and influence-pedding in a dozen different languages.

So, Rosenstein and Wray dropped by and, when the meeting was over, the three principals issued a very curious statement. It stated that the DOJ’s inspector-general will expand his ongoing investigation to include “tactics” employed by the FBI in its investigation of the Trump campaign. Further:
"It was also agreed that White House Chief of Staff Kelly will immediately set up a meeting with the FBI, DOJ, and DNI together with congressional leaders to review highly classified and other information they have requested."
Nobody seems to know what that second part means. The intelligence community would be out of its mind to hand over material vitally important to its investigation to the leakiest White House since before they put the roof on the joint. At the same time, it seems that Rosenstein have agreed to give to the administration* material that the FBI has fought tooth-and-claw to keep from the congressional Republicans. 

For the moment I’m going to give Rosenstein credit for being a gifted bureaucratic infighter and survivor who has played the president* like a five-cent violin.  There are a dozen ways for Rosenstein to slow-play the review of any classified documents. I think the president* got played on behalf of all of us. [italics added]
You really have to laugh at that last italicized phrase.  By "all of us," of course, he means all the insane Dems and leftists for whom no act is off-limits if it deposes the president.

Total venom.  And note that Pierce wrote this after the WaPo and NYTimes printed the name of the (first) FBI spy planted in the Trump campaign, yet he's wailing about how awful it would be for "the intel community" to give material vital to its investigation to the White House because there have been so many leaks from the White House!

Wow.  Hypocrisy much?  

These are the ravings of a totally deranged Leftist.  But then, that's the norm for the Lying Mainstream Media.  And while the WaPo would snark that a fashion mag doesn't belong in that category, the thinking is certainly all too common.


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