Wednesday, May 23

16-year-old runs over officer in suburban Baltimore

Americans, meet the future.  This particular future is named Dawnta Anthony Harris, and he is allegedly 16.

Young D's claim to his 15 minutes of infamy is that he and three of his homies--ages 15, 16 and 17--were robbing a home near Baltimore at 2pm.  Neighbor spotted 'em and called the cops, reporting the perps arrived in a black Jeep Wrangler.

Minutes later officer Amy Caprio--four years on the force--arrived and ordered Dawnta out of the vehicle.  Instead he ran over her.  She died 30 minutes later.

The officer’s body camera clearly shows the Jeep accelerating toward her. She fired one shot before being run over.

The Jeep--which had been stolen--was found abandoned nearby, and officers found Harris about a block away. Prosecutors said Harris had the keys to the Jeep in his pocket when police questioned him, and when they left, he tried to hide them under the seat.

Harris later admitted he was the driver while his three homies were robbing the house.  He told officers he saw the officer drive up, and that when she got out of her car and ordered him to get out of the Jeep he “drove at the officer."

Astonishingly, when Dawnta ran over officer Caprio he was on house arrest for car theft-- he'd stolen not just one but four cars just since December.  But because he judge decided it would be just too, too traumatic to put the poor kid in any kind of lockup (including juvenile detention) and "sentenced" him to house arrest with an "ankle bracelet."

See, the judge was just sure that being under "house arrest" and wearing an ankle-bracelet would keep him home.  Clearly neither of these things deterred Dawnta a bit--which is to say, they worked as well as a rational person would have guessed.  Which is to say, not at all.

At his bail hearing prosecutors said Harris had vanished from his mother's house days before he allegedly killed the officer.

So, how do you think BLM, Antifa, Democrats, social justice warriors and similar will react to this story?  At the moment they're silent, trying to decide how to spin this.  My guess is these organizations will hail D as a hero of the resistance, who was simply "fighting for social justice" against brutal, raaacis' cops.  They'll claim the Jeep accelerated on its own.  Or that the poor, scared young man tried to step on the brake but accidentally hit the accelerator.

They'll praise him for killing a cop who was impeding him from exercising his right to commit crimes.

As I said at the top:  Meet the future.

Update:  Well that didn't take long: Dawnta's attorneys are saying it was an accident, that their client was in “survival mode” when he ran over the officer, and the officer had no reason to draw her gun because in their view this should have been regarded not as stopping a burglary but as simply "a traffic stop."  Yes, they really said that.


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