Tuesday, May 22

WaPo does total reversal in two weeks. Someone wants to protect something big

Washington Post, May 8:  "Revealing the name of the 'informant' the FBI put in Trump's campaign could endanger his life, do grave harm to national security!"
     subhead:  "Just demanding that the FBI provide unredacted information to congressional oversight committee would risk the life of FBI source."

Washington Post, two weeks later:  "Let's Talk About This Stefan Halper Fellow In Detail"
     subhead:  Here's the 'informant's' name & bio that FBI sources leaked to us. 

For the Post to totally reverse themselves in just two weeks--going from dutifully pushing the FBI/DOJ claim that revealing the name would do grave harm to national security, to revealing the guy's identity (which they claimed just two weeks earlier would do grave harm...), suggests they're willing to lose tons of credibility with undecided/independent voters.

Now think:  What would prompt them to reverse their oh-so-dramatic position so sharply and so soon?  My guess is that they're following orders from their friends/sources at FBI/DOJ.  And for those sources to demand this large a loss of face from the Post, the sources must be trying to conceal a much more important secret--and they're trying hard.

Either that or the editors at the Post don't read their own bullshit--i.e. they're incompetent.

And y'know, that is a tough call.


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