Wednesday, May 23

In Venezuela, prices are doubling every 17.5 DAYS; U.S. media refuse to cover it

People under about 60 don't have any real idea about how utterly, totally destructive inflation is, or what causes it.  And that's not your fault, cuz the Lying Mainstream Media totally ignore the whole topic.

And why does the media ignore inflation?  Because it's what eventually happens to countries that go all-in on what might be called "full socialist mania."

Many older Americans learned about one example of hyperinflation, and how it destroyed one of the most civilized nations in the world and set the stage for WW2:  In Germany after WW1 politicians foolishly believed governments could print as much currency as they wished, without consequence.  Didn't work out well:  inflation was so awful that companies ended up having to pay employees every DAY, because prices were doubling in a week.

One of the many horrible effects of high inflation is that it wipes out the value of saving money, and makes saving money foolish.  If no one saves, banks have no money to loan, making it impossible to get a mortgage, or start or expand a business.

Oooh, who could have foreseen those results, eh?

Fortunately politicians learned from Germany's horrible experience.

Hahahahaha!  Just kidding!  Politicians and learning?  Never happens.

And thus we segue to the ghastly train wreck that is...Venezuela.  Which in 1980 had the highest per-capita income in all of Latin America.  Now utterly wrecked, by idiot socialist dictators and their dumb socialist policies.  So now you can see why the Lying Media doesn't cover Venezuela:  Hurts the Democrats' narrative.

Thanks to the policies of socialist dictator Nicholas Maduro, prices in Venezuela are doubling every 17.5 days.
So inflation has totally wiped out Venezuela's middle-class.  (Hey, no big deal: Marx said the middle-class were all  "bourgeois shopkeepers" who should be killed when the revolution came.)

And yet the lower classes--who don't have any education and know nothing of history or economics--still seem to support Maduro.  At least the alleged results of the country's recent election (which may be fraudulent) showed Maduro getting about two-thirds of the vote.

See, the huge attraction of socialism for politicians is that stupid, uneducated voters--what we call "low-information voters"--love socialism, because it gives 'em "free stuff."  And in shithole countries so many people are poor and uneducated that pushing socialism is a sure winner for wanna-be dictators.

Which brings us to...the U.S.  Bernie Sanders is a self-admitted socialist.  Has never held a job outside of government.  An articulate, somewhat charismatic scammer--except he probably doesn't realize socialism is a disaster.  And is unable to learn from the experience of other countries.

So Bernie has proposed 1) free college for everyone; 2) a "guaranteed national income" (i.e. free money without having to work); 3) forgiving all student loans; and so on.  Who can be surprised that a huge number of young Americans--including college students--support him and his policies?

So how does he propose to, um, pay for all these so-called "freebies"?  Frankly no reporter has asked him--cuz they don't want to put him on the spot.  But surely he'll find a way--after all, the government owns the printing presses, right?  Why can't they just print off as much money as they like?

Why indeed.



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