Friday, May 11

Democrat congresscritter claims unemployment rate isn't that significant. Wait...didn't y'all crow...?

When Obama was emperor, Democrats and the lying media fell all overthemselves crowing about the marvelously, unprecedentedly low unemployment rate.  They took it as just one more sign of how totally, absolutely faaabulous their president was.

But now that a Republican is prez...Democrat leaders claim the record low unemployment rate--lowest in something like 30 years--isn't really important.

Of course you think I'm kidding.  Nope.

Cedric Richmond is a black congresscritter, and chairman of the congressional black caucus.  Flanked by other members of the CBC, Richmond criticized Republican leaders — especially Trump — who’ve touted the dropping black unemployment rate as evidence that black families are better off because of GOP policies, like tax cuts or a regulatory environment encouraging to businesses.

Richmond called the unemployment rate a “simplistic” measure of prosperity.  In a brazen denial of reality, Richmond claimed policies started by former president Obama deserved much of the credit for economic growth.

“Black unemployment was at zero when we were sharecropping. That doesn’t mean we were doing well,” Richmond said. “Let’s not just use that (the unemployment rate) as the barometer.”

Well there ya go then.  "Let’s not just use [the unemployment rate] as the barometer.”

Yet Democrats and their lying allies in the mainstream media couldn't push it hard enough when Obozo was prez.  Interesting.  Almost like there's some sort of double-standard or hypocrisy there.


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