Wednesday, May 9

Attacker stabs young woman 14 times in liberal city; its major paper ignores the attack

Liberals care about...well, certain things.  Just ask 'em.  They claim to care about women.  So normally, if a man attacked a defenseless woman, you'd think liberals would be furious. 

Cuz they really, really care about women.  Just ask 'em.

So if an armed man ambushed a woman and stabbed her 14 times--almost killing her-- you'd think all liberals would be absolutely outraged.  You'd think the report of that ghastly, hideous crime would be front-page news in that city's lib newspaper, with the editors doing everything possible to identify and find the attacker.

Certainly conservatives would have that reaction.  So you'd think liberals would too, since they keep telling us how much they care about women.  So you'd think...well, you get it.

So when a 26-year-old woman in Minneapolis was attacked and stabbed 14 times by a man, did the ultra-left/liberal Minneapolis Star-Tribune react with horror?  Outrage?  Did they print every detail from the victim that would help the public identify the murderous attacker?  They ignored it for 3 weeks.

Morgan Evenson was walking home in downtown Minneapolis on Dec. 13 when a car pulled up next to her.  A man got out of his car, chased her down, tackled her and began stabbing her repeatedly.  She screamed and fought back--as well as one could against a stronger attacker stabbing her with a knife.

A local resident heard her screams and ran toward the sound, causing the attacker to run away.

Evenson was left bleeding on the curb with 14 stab wounds.  Her kidney was lacerated. She was lucky to survive.

Using the search function on the website of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune shows only one story about the attack, but three weeks after it happened.

Why would the largest paper in one of the more liberal cities in the U.S. ignore such a vicious, murderous, unprovoked attack on an unarmed woman?

Oh, wait:  Evenson told police that the man who attacked her was black, and appeared to be a Somali.

Liberal, Democrat-ruled Minneapolis has the largest Somali population in the U.S.  The politicians are totally devoted to courting their votes.

Try a thought experiment:  If a woman in Minneapolis was stabbed 14 times--an attack that can only be described as attempted murder--by a man she told police was white and wearing a red MAGA baseball cap, do you think the editors of the Star-Trib would have totally ignored the story at the time--waiting 3 whole weeks to mention it?

One of the ways the mainstream media--both print and electronic--steer public opinion is by deciding what stories to print.  And what details to omit.  They've always done that, of course.  It's just that before about 40 years ago there was enough competition to keep the Lying Media from lying too brazenly.  Unfortunately today every media outlet except Fox is totally in the tank for Dems, liberals and socialism.  And frankly Fox has been gettin more centrist every day.


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