Monday, May 7

Dems: "Vote fraud? Not a problem"

Democrats and their allies in the Lying Mainstream Media constantly tell you one of two things about vote fraud: either it doesn't exist; or that the incidence of it is microscopic.

That's kinda amusing because as soon as president Trump established a commission to investigate vote fraud, all the Dem-run states and the Mainstream Media started screaming like mad that it was simply terrible! to investigate such a possibility!  How dare he!!  And the Dem states sued.  And the commission was disbanded after just 5 months or so.

But ask yourself this: If there wasn't any vote fraud, why would the Dems be so fiercely against an investigation of something they claimed doesn't exist?


Unless you want non-citizens to control the results of our elections, you need to know about vote fraud.  One reason is that if a candidate were to win election by means of massive vote fraud, corrupt liberal judges will never nullify the results.  Meaning the corrupt candidate will be installed in office.

Of course you probably think that's absurd.  If fraud was massive and blatant, why on earth would any U.S. court, or congress, tolerate it?

Ah, I see you're new to this country.

The reason is that politicians control the award of billions of dollars of  contracts--including supply, office space for government agencies, "consultants" and an infinite array of "special" programs they can create.

You need to know that virtually all major cities in the U.S. are run by Democrats, and have been for decades.  They know that having a Democrat president opens the federal treasury to billions of dollars of "community grants" to Dem constituencies and so on.  So everyone has a motive to cheat.

So when employees of the federal bureau of "Citizenship Services" say they've been pressured to fast-track citizenship for current illegals--presumably so they can vote in the upcoming election--that's a hint that no tactic is off the table for the Democrats.

Example:  Democrats in several U.S. cities have proposed giving I-V drug addicts free needles and "safe spaces" to shoot up that sweet, sweet heroin.  Democrats think that's a faaabulous idea--and know they can award contracts worth tens of millions of dollars.  Which gives them guaranteed sources of money and votes.

Think taxpayers should be forced to pay for sex-changing surgery for members of the military, or prisoners, or retirees?  Democrats have already pioneered that, and are looking to increase funding.  When Trump ordered the military not to accept any more transgender snowflakes, Democrats sued--and an idiot federal judge agreed that the military had to continue accepting trannies--meaning the military would have to continue paying for their sex-change operations.

The Obama administration didn't bring a single prosecution for vote fraud.  So since vote fraud doesn't carry any risk of prosecution for Dems, the only thing keeping Dems from casting as many fraudulent votes as possible would be respect for our laws or a love for ethical behavior.

Hahahahahahaha!  Yeah, that was funny.

Of course it's outrageous even to speculate that Dems might be encouraging vote fraud, because...well, they've always been dedicated to the truth, right?  And they all obey the law. 

Please, stop, you're killin' me here.

Now, I don't know if there was significant vote fraud in the last election.  I do know there were dozens of reports--all from GOP voters--that right after they pushed the "finished" button on the touch-screen of the machine they were using, the screen showed that all their votes switched to the Democrat candidate. 

I didn't see any reports of votes being switched the other direction.  And next election there won't be any more reports of this type, cuz the fraudsters will have changed their code so that the display doesn't display the changed votes.

The only reason they were so sloppy in 2016 was that every single expert absolutely knew Hilliary was certain to become president--in which case no agency would bother investigating any claim of voter fraud, even if massive and obvious.

Of course you won't hear about vote fraud on the nightly news, nor read about it in a big-city newspaper--cuz as far as they're concerned, vote fraud doesn't exist.  Locals will pick up *local* stories in their areas and put it on the net, but their stories won't make it up the mainstream media chain, because the MSM loves Dems and hates conservatives.

And as the fraudsters get more sophisticated--and keep getting away with it--we'll see more of it.


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