Tuesday, May 22

How Democrat/liberal judges and pols are allowing illegal alien criminals to stay in the U.S.

Just in case you thought the U.S. was beginning to recover some sanity regarding illegal immigration, here's what leftist judges and city pols are doing to keep illegal aliens from being deported:

Begining about six years ago, judges in Democrat-ruled cities began using their power to give foreign criminals lighter sentences for crimes that would have seen them jailed for a year.  In Denver and  cities in California and Washington state, judges have begun sentencing many foreigners who have been convicted of serious harm to 364 days instead of a full year, since a one-year sentence would trigger deportation.

In Boston, a green-card holder from Guinea-Bissau was given a 364-day sentence after robbing two banks.  (He was also a suspect in a double-murder.)  Another illegal was deported nine times before he returned to Edmonds, Washington, where he dragged a woman into an alley and raped her.

Prosecutors and judges all over the nation are choosing to charge illegal alien perps with less-serious crimes than the offense would normally warrant, for the same reason.  The ACLU is advising local pols to instruct their police officers to keep information from federal authorities.  In some cases judges have even freed criminal aliens with no penalty after the perp's attorney claimed the perp didn't know rape was against the law in the U.S.  Seriously.

Washington State has ruled that state agencies can no longer ask people for their Social Security number.  If you think this was a move to protect privacy, think again: It was passed so illegals wouldn't have to get a fake SS number to do any of the myriad things that now require that disaster.

Point is that liberal judges and pols have found dozens of creative ways to allow the illegal aliens they love to stay in the U.S, even if it means using a different standard of the law.  After all, in the enlightened era ushered in by Obama, laws are merely suggestions.


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