Tuesday, December 5

After jury acquits illegal alien who killed Steinle, WaPo claims only people mad are white supremacists

On July 1, 2015, 32-year-old Kate Steinle was enjoying a walk on a popular San Francisco pier with her father and a friend when was hit by a gunshot.  She died two hours later in the hospital.

The shooter was an illegal immigrant, Jose Inez Garcia Zarate--a multiple felon who had been deported five times and was on the list to be deported yet again.  He told police he had just found the gun under the bench he was sitting on.  First he claimed that he fired at a sea lion, then changed his story to say that the gun fired accidentally when he picked it up. 

Reportedly he changed his story a second time, claiming the gun fired when he stepped on it.  It would have been useful if the prosecutor had asked him to demonstrate how that happened, because it can't.  But the prosecutor--a resident of ultra-liberal, illegal-alien-loving San Fran--knew his fellow citizens didn't want to make life harder for the unfortunate "immigrant."  (Mainstream papers never used the word "illegal" to describe the killer, cuz...liberal.)

You may have heard that a few days ago a San Fran jury acquitted the illegal-alien felon of all blame for Steinle's death.  The only charge they convicted him on was a gun charge: felon in possession of a gun.

That's all background.  You should have known those facts.  The fact that you almost certainly didn't isn't your fault, because the mainstream Lying Media did their best to minimize and downplay the story.  Cuz, liberal Democrat.  They love those illegal aliens cuz illegals reliably vote Democrat.

So now for the update:  The co-head of the Lying Media--the Washington Post--published a story on the case, under the headline "White Nationalists angered by Mexican immigrant’s acquittal in Steinle killing," suggesting that the outrage over the jury's total exoneration of the "immigrant" for killing Steinle was really a "white nationalist" issue.  The story framed anyone opposed to illegal immigration or sanctuary cities, or supporting building a wall, as racists.

After readers slammed the Post, they changed the headline to "Calls for ‘Kate’s Wall’ emerge after Mexican immigrant’s acquittal in Steinle killing."  Notice that the headline describes Steinle's killer as simply a "Mexican immigrant" instead of an illegal alien and multiple felon who'd been deported 5 times but insisted on illegally re-entering the U.S. again and again.

The Post's intent in publishing this story was to frame the anger over the acquittal of Kate Steinle's killer as a story about white racism.  They want to block the wall, because they want open borders.  They believe the verdict was good, and that illegal immigration is good.  Because they're Leftists.

And unfortunately, they reach a wide audience of uninformed Americans who believe them.


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