Saturday, August 5

Cook County board prez sues merchants who DARED to file suit to block a new tax on...

In Chicago, the Cook County Board levied a one-cent-per-ounce tax on all soft drinks.  They didn't seek a vote to get residents to approve this tax, cuz--well, since when do pols need the approval of the sheep to levy a tax, right?

Hey, it was good enough for the Roman Empire, right?  Plus, the cunning pols on the Cook County Board were clever enough to exempt their base from paying the tax:  It wouldn't apply to anyone using an EBT card. uppity group of merchants decided to sue to try to block this tax, and succeeded in getting it delayed for a month while the court ruled on the merits.

A month later the court ruled the tax was legal and could proceed.

If you think that was the end of it you don't know the kind of fascist pols who rule Chicago like a kingdom:  The president of the Cook County Board, one "Toni Preckwinkle," has sued the merchants' association for $17 million--the amount of tax revenue the county claims was lost as a result of the one-month delay.

Chicago journalists are very reluctant to criticize the area's politicians, since that triggers exactly this type of retaliation.  But even a few of the city's journalists are blowing the whistle on this.  It's a stark warning to all citizens not to try to oppose anything the Board does, or else the board will use its near-infinite taxpayer funds to sue your ass into bankruptcy.

Cute, eh?

Here's board member Toni Preckwinkle:

Clearly, facists come in all colors.

At the end of WW2, freedom-loving citizens had an appropriate punishment for fascists.  Eh, that was then, when citizens weren't as tolerant as now.


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